Who can apply for assistance?

The collaborative and consultancy services of the QCU are available to all other academic staff and postgraduate students within CSU. The QCU will also endeavour to provide consultancy services for organisations outside of CSU on a fee for service basis.

When to apply for assistance?

Clients are encouraged to seek support early in the research project cycle so that consultants can have appropriate input into statistical, mathematical and IT aspects of the design of the research activity. This is particularly important for projects requiring significant statistical analysis and where good experimental design from the outset can be critical to the success of the project. Research Honours, Masters and PhD students are encouraged to apply for the free initial consultation at the start of their research.

How to obtain assistance

Please complete an application form and submit electronically to qcu@csu.edu.au or in person at the Research Office Building 476 Room 115.

Please note - the QCU email address is only accessed on Monday and Friday, this is due to our Administrative Assistant  only in on these days.

If you have difficulty in accessing the application form please RIGHT CLICK - SAVE AS to your computer then complete and return to QCU.