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  • Constance C. Adams, BSc (Connecticut), MPS (Cornell), CHE; Consumer Affairs academic, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; course and subject files, 1977-1997, RW1729, 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • John D. Aiken (1922-), BRurSc (UNE); animal science academic, Wagga Wagga Agricultural College and Riverina College of Advanced Education; teaching materials, notebooks and other papers, 1969-76, RW2047, 1 box (0.18m).
  • Colin Anderson, BA (NSW), HonDLitt (CSturt); performing arts academic, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga; production administration files, Lunch Time Theatre, programmes, press cuttings, play scripts, photographs, 1973-1992, RW1679; 3 boxes (0.5m).
  • Roland Bannister; personal papers re involvement in music and drama agencies in Wagga Wagga (unsorted), c. 1970-2000, RW2403.
  • Paul J. Casey, STL (CatholicInstSyd), MA, PhD (Newcastle), MAPS; psychology academic and administrator, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; correspondence and Occupational Health and Safety and Teachers' Federation material (unsorted), RW1966.
  • Sue Chessbrough and Doris Cheesbrough; writers; correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings, notes, manuscripts, galley proof sheets, note books, script, brochures, newsletters, taped interviews, family papers and publications, Here Comes the Bailiff (1974) and Gone to Gooloogong (2003), 1912-2003, RW2212; family papers transferred from the Society of Australian Genealogists, c. 1880-1920, RW2357; photographs, publications, family history articles, clippings, correspondence, school work, 1907-2005, RW2504; family history research notes - includes correspondence, photographs, negatives, and notebooks, 1837-2008, RW2646; 10 boxes, 1 photograph album, 1 oversized box sorted (2.16 m).
  • Brian D. Cook (1938-), BA (UNE), MEd (Syd) (Acting); education academic, Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga; subject files re FM radio and education, 1970-78, RW285; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Laurel Anne Clyde; author; manuscript, The Lord's Song in a Strange Land: A History of the Anglican Diocese of Riverina (1979) Volumes 1 & 2, RW1957; 2 volumes.
  • David D. Denholm (1924-97), BA (Qld), PhD (ANU); novelist (under the pen name of David Forrest) and historian, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; maps, 1955-81, RW801; maps, 1945-68, RW802; maps, 1965-81, RW803; maps and charts re family history, teaching and gardening, 1956-81, RW804; seminar material prepared by David Denholm on the Myall Creek Massacre, 1972, RW805; maps, RW1193; charts, graphs and maps relating to Tumbarumba project (unsorted), RW1206; State Emergency Service, Murrumbidgee Division maps (unsorted), RW1396; maps (unsorted), RW1470; maps (unsorted), RW1471; aerial photograph of Sydney and copy of the map of NSW (1834) drawn by Mitchell, 1975, RW1489; correspondence files, work files for lecturing, articles and conference papers, subject and correspondence files from David Denholm's study, building construction styles survey files, Tumbarumba Project papers, genealogy files, land title search papers, subject files, student assignments, RMIHE Archives Advisory Committee papers, manuscripts and theses, reviews, graduation programme, language resource files, publications, computer disks and photographs, c. 1944-97, RW1723; 33 boxes, 257 maps and charts, 5 photograph albums sorted (10.175m).
  • Zita Denholm, MA (UQ), FTCL; historian, writer and publisher and founder, Triple D Books, Wagga Wagga; papers, notes, maps and images re preparation of book on James Tyson (unsorted), RW2296.
  • Mary Dwyer, BA (CSU); CSU Regional Archives Summer Vacation Research Scholar (2001-2002); research notes re history of print media in Riverina, RW2144, 1 box (0.18m).
  • Jim Elphick; notebook - "Information contributed to book "Along the Creek Revisited" by Annette Hassett, by Jim Elphick", 2005, RW2673; 1 volume, (0.01m).
  • Hilda M. Freeman (Mrs A. E. Atkinson) (1885-1937); writer, teacher and governess; correspondence, reports, research papers, source files, subject files, draft manuscripts and notes and manuscripts, 1914-37, RW1980; 2 boxes (0.925m).
  • Herbert Reginald Gallop (1890-1958); artist; notebooks, photographs and biographical note (unsorted), RW2003.
  • Henry L. Gardiner, BA, M.Litt, MEdAdmin(Hons), PhD, DipEdAdmin (UNE); education academic and administrator, Wagga Wagga Teachers College, Goulburn College of Advanced Education, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; 16 mm film of Wagga Wagga Teachers' College, produced by Henry Gardiner, 1964, RW275; papers (unsorted), RW1487; 1 reel sorted (0.03m).
  • David E. Gilbey, DipEd STC, MA (Hons) (Syd); literature academic, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; subject files, RW1724; subject files, RW2265; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Dame Mary Jean Gilmore (1865-1962), DBE; writer; letters to George Blakemore, photocopies of letters to Phoebe Price, photographs and memorabilia, 1956-63; RW114; 3 boxes (0.43m).
  • Fred E. Goldsworthy, BA (Newcastle), MA (Windsor); performing arts academic, former Head of School of Visual and Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; subject files, RW1733; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Kath Higgins; journalist and writer; travel diaries, press cuttings books (unsorted) and notebook, 1951-77, RW2008 and RW2008/1/MF; 3 boxes, 1 microfilm reel (0.04m).
  • Sally Huckel, BA (CSU); CSU Regional Archives Summer Vacation Research Scholar (2004-2005); see Aaron Pegram, RW2347.
  • Beryl E. Ingold, AO 2001, MBE 1979, BAppScAg (Hons) (Riverina), Hon. DUniv (New England); rural women lobbyist, Cootamundra; papers written and collected by Ingold, Cootamundra District Hospital papers, reports and discussion papers re agriculture, rural women, regional development and Country Women's Association publications, 1937-2003, RW2264; reports and papers relating to Contact Inc., agricultural colleges, Riverina Area Consultative Committee Inc., Rural Youth Organisation of NSW, Cootamundra Public School, Rural Leadership Programme, National Forum on Women in Agriculture, 1991-2004, RW2437; 5 boxes (0.90m).
  • Ollie Japp; author; manuscript, The History of Tennis in Hay, 1900-1988, RW1207; 1 bundle (0.03m).
  • Richard St. Clair Johnson (1929-), MA, DipEd (Syd); Special Commissioner, Tertiary Education Commission, ACT and Emeritus Professor of Classics, Australian National University, Canberra; Standing Committee on External Studies papers, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training papers and submission, outward correspondence, distance education files, subject files, seminars and reports prepared by Professor Johnson, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport, Communications and Infrastructure inquiry papers, discussion papers, reports and publications, 1980-92, RW1547; 26 boxes (4.55m).
  • P. N. Lamb, BEc (Syd), PhD (WA), TC; Dean of Teacher Education, Mitchell College of Advanced Education, Bathurst; correspondence, papers written by Dr. Lamb, teacher education programmes, teacher education - history, submissions, reports, conferences / conventions, annual meetings, seminars, speeches, journals, publications, 1969-1995, RW1777; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Margie Schmid Leys, BSc, MEd (Illinois), DipReadLang; education academic, Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education and Charles Sturt University Bathurst; subject and correspondence files and teaching topic files, 1987-94, RW1604; 6 boxes (1.05m).
  • Lawson Lobb, BSc (Rhodes), MSc (Illinois), FIMA; applied science academic, Charles Sturt University Bathurst; papers (unsorted), RW1524.
  • Max Loder; Charles Sturt University Winery, Wagga Wagga; (see Businesses and Professionals).
  • Peter Macgregor; writer; manuscript, Follow the River by Peter Macgregor. An account of the 1951 re-enactment by the ABC and the Australian Military Forces of Captain Charles Sturt's discovery of the River Murray, RW2094; 1 volume (0.07m).
  • Sherry Morris, writer; 'Biographical Index of Wagga', (2002), RW2495; 1 CD-ROM, (0.01m).
  • Alan Nichol, GDipAppScDT (Melbourne), BSc, PhD (UNSW); applied science academic and Head of School of Wine and Food Science, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga; memos, minutes, correspondence, draft papers, publications by Associate Professor Nichol, 1981-89, RW1350; Correspondence, subject files, memoranda, Higher Education material, research data, Faculty publications, submitted papers, VHS tape, 1962-98, RW1740; 9 boxes (1.5m).
  • Anthony O'Reilly; CSU Regional Archives Summer Vacation Research Scholar (2005-2006); research notes, data and interviews for report and documentary on Tom Lennon, 2005-06, RW2340.
  • Bruce J. Pennay, BA, MA (Syd), MA (Macq), PhD (Deakin); administrator and historian, Charles Sturt University Albury; correspondence, research papers and submissions, minutes, newspaper cuttings, 1981-89, RW1267; one student assignment, RW1281; 5 boxes (0.775m).
  • Ray W. Petts, BSc MEd (Oregon); education academic, Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga; papers (unsorted), RW2228; correspondence, teaching material, curriculum for Primary Schools, RCAE Site and Document Report, Dept. of Education handbook for teachers, 1965-1989, RW2263 1 box sorted (0.18m).
  • Jim E. Pratley, BSc, PhD (UNSW); Dean of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; papers re Wagga Wagga Aquatic Centre (unsorted), 2000-01, RW2289.
  • Alan Francis Puckett; research notes (unsorted), RW2213.
  • Edward Reid-Smith, BA, DipAdultEd, MEd (Manc), MEdAdmin (UNE), FLA, ALAA; library and information science academic, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; papers (partially listed), RW1666.
  • Leonora Ritter, BA (WAust), DipEd MA (Hons) (UNE), PhD (Syd); historian, Charles Sturt University - Bathurst; papers (unsorted), 1994-96, RW2251.
  • John Shaw; geography academic, Wagga Wagga Teachers College; photographs and negatives of Wagga Wagga (unsorted), c. 1951, RW1767.
  • Helen Smith; senior lecturer, Professional Development Centre (Policing), Charles Sturt University - Goulburn; papers (unsorted), RW1653.
  • John D. Spencer; postgraduate researcher; research papers for PhD re Yanco Agricultural College, 1922-89, RW1503; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Reginald Raymond Storrier, BAgrSc (Syd), PhD (Syd); agriculture academic, Wagga Agricultural College, Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; notebook - 'Laboratory Methods: R. R. Storrier', RW2352; 1 box (0.18m).
  • June Sutherland; researcher and writer; correspondence, research papers re publication, From Farm Boys to PhDs, memorabilia, minutes, photographs and audio tapes, 1942-95, RW1400; 2 boxes, 2 audio tapes, 7 photograph albums, 1 oversized photograph box (1.02m).
  • Keith J. Swan, BEM (1916-96), MA(Syd), HonDLitt (CSturt) ; administrator and historian, Wagga Wagga Teachers' College and Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga; newspaper cuttings, subject files, student assignments, audio tapes, publications and course submissions, 1961-77, RW40; papers concerning the establishment of the Riverina Archives, Wagga Wagga, 1976-79, RW1586; 6 boxes (1.05m).
  • James Tweddle, Principal of Forest Hill Public School; Record and Information books including newsletters, staff meetings minutes, rosters, teacher lists, and correspondence to parents, RW2479, (0.54m).
  • Judith van der Wal, BA(UNZ), Dip.Ed.(UNSW), M.Ed.(Syd); Registered Nurse (N.Z.), Certified Nurse (U.K.); Senior/Principal Lecturer of Nursing, School of Education, Riverina College of Advanced Education, Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education and Charles Sturt University; RCAE and CSU reports and occasional papers re. Nursing; correspondence; photographs, RW2556, (0.45m).
  • Kristie-Lee Webb BA (CSU); CSU Regional Archives Summer Vacation Research Scholar (2004-2005); research notes, data and interviews for report: The Papers of Doris and Susanne Chessbrough, 2004-2005, RW2439; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Jon H. Winston-Gregson; freelance archaeologist; archaeological samples from Hillside (unsorted), RW251; 11 boxes (1.925m).

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