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  • Agricultural Bureau of New South Wales; meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, history, publicity and media, newsletters, conference proceedings, education and training, branch records, financial records, photographs, audio-visual material and ephemera, 1923-2002, RW2327; 6 boxes, 1 album, 1 oversized box (1.56m).
  • Australian Federation of University Women, Riverina Branch, Wagga Wagga; minute books, correspondence files and subject files, 1970-82, RW2241; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Australian Society of Breeders of British Sheep, Riverina District Committee of the NSW Branch, Wagga Wagga; Riverina District Advisory Committee and Ram Show and Sales Committee minute books and cash book, 1930-67, RW201 volumes 121-123; 3 volumes (0.06m).
  • Australian Society of Soil Science Inc., Riverina Branch, Wagga Wagga; the Australian Society of Soil Science Inc. was founded in 1955 to work towards the advancement of soil science in professional, academic and technical fields; correspondence and subject files, minutes and publications, 1958-89, RW1295; 4 boxes (0.7m).
  • Bathurst Teachers' College Alumni; ephemera, teaching notes, student memorabilia (unsorted), c. 1940-60, RW2116; programmes for plays, openings and intercollegiates, photographs from a 50th anniversary dinner, John Harold Elsom (student) papers, (unsorted), 1947-2004, RW2472; BTC Choir on gramophone records, (unsorted), 1956-1969, RW2496.
  • Coolamon Co-operative Society Ltd; minute books and account books, 1945-1979, RW2501; 4 vols. (0.3m).
  • Country Public Libraries' Association of NSW, Wagga Wagga; annual conference papers, correspondence, newsletters and minutes, 1989-92, RW1496; 1 box (0.175m).
  • The English Teachers' Association of NSW, Riverina Branch, Wagga Wagga; minute books, correspondence and business papers (unsorted), RW1551.
  • Farmers and Graziers' Co-operative, Albury Branch; xerox copy of photograph (unsorted), RW1512.
  • Farmers and Settlers' Association of NSW, Millwood Road Branch; branch membership register and minute books, 1915-94, RW1770; 1 box (0.075m).
  • Federated Liquor and Allied Industries Employees Union of Australia, Wagga Wagga Branch; the parent Union formed as the Federated Liquor Trade Employees' Union of Australasia in 1910 with the amalgamation of the Victorian Liquor Trades Union and other interstate brewery unions. In 1918 it was renamed the Federated Liquor and Allied Industries Employees' Union of Australasia. Another name change in 1958 saw the Union operate as the Federated Liquor and Allied Industries Employees' Union of Australia. In 1992, it amalgamated with the Miscellaneous Workers' Union to form the Australian Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union; awards and agreements, correspondence, leaflets, NSW Branch report to Federal Council, balance sheet, publications and newspapers, 1958-81, RW210; 1 box part (0.0875m).
  • Federation of College Academics, Riverina Branch; Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; papers (unsorted), RW896; papers (unsorted), RW1571; constitution, rules, minutes, reports, Annual General Meeting minutes, Union of Australian College Academics and Federal Council of Academics papers, correspondence, press releases and publications, 1972-93, RW1651; 7 boxes sorted (1.26m).
  • Graziers' Association of the Riverina; agenda papers and secretary's reports, 1964-71, RW1494; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Graziers' Association of Southern Riverina, Deniliquin Branch; minute book and plaque for The Graziers' Association of the Southern Riverina, Deniliquin Branch, 1949-76, RW1050; 1 volume and 1 plaque (0.07m).
  • Institute of Australian Geographers; minutes, correspondence, subject files, newsletters, correspondence register, video tapes of interview with Professor O. H. K. Spate by Dr. J. M. Powell, 1958-89, RW1024; 7 boxes (1.225m).
  • Library Association of Australia, NSW Branch Council, Wagga Wagga; Edward Reid-Smith's (Riverina Regional Councillor) papers, 1977-87, RW1203; 1 box part (0.0875m).
  • Library Association of Australia, Riverina Regional Group, Wagga Wagga; Parliamentary review, publications, minute books, minutes of meetings, correspondence, papers and newsletters, 1972-79, RW142; Edward Reid Smith's (President and newsletter editor) papers, 1978-88, RW1202; 5 boxes part (0.7875m).
  • Mitchell Academics' Union; Charles Sturt University - Bathurst; General and subject files, including minutes, correspondence, reports, newsletters, and news clippings, 1993-1994, RW1664; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Mitchell College Academic Staff Association, Bathurst (includes records relating to Federation of Academic Staff of NSW Colleges of Advanced Education); minutes, correspondence, membership records, constitution, issues dealt with by the Association relating to staff, facilities, and policy, media articles, newsletters, press releases, submissions, reports, handbook, resources and conference papers, 1970-1991, RW1622; 8 boxes (1.44m).
  • Mitchell Graduates' Association; Mitchell College of Advanced Education, Bathurst; minutes, 1981-90 (unsorted), RW2042.
  • National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), Wagga Wagga Branch, Mitchell Branch; the NTEU formed in 1993 with the amalgamation of the Federated Australian University Staff Association (FAUSA), the Union of Australian College Academics (UACA), the Australian Colleges and Universities Staff Association (ACUSA), the University of Adelaide General Staff Association (UAGSA) and the Australian National University Administrative and Allied Officers' Association (ANUAAOA); papers (unsorted), RW1623; correspondence files and minutes (unsorted), RW1694; subject and correspondence files, 1977-95, RW1736; subject files and minutes (unsorted), RW1930; 7 boxes sorted (1.225m).
  • NSW Farmers' Association, Collingullie Branch; minute book, correspondence and financial records (unsorted), c. 1951-99, RW2450.
  • NSW Farmers' Association, Uranquinty Branch; minute books, handbooks and correspondence, 1938-87, RW1951; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Rivcoll Union Inc.; Charles Sturt University - Wagga Wagga; sports subject files (unsorted) RW1648; subject files, correspondence and publications (unsorted), RW1654; subject files and agendas (unsorted) RW1728; Rivcoll Union Board records including correspondence, minutes and subject files, Student Welfare Council minutes and correspondence files, Activities Council correspondence files, Sports Council correspondence files, NSW Education Action Network publications, records of RCAE-CSU, Union publications, records from Goulburn and Albury campuses and club files, 1974-88, RW1779; subject and correspondence files (unsorted), RW2039; subject and correspondence files (unsorted), RW2057; subject and correspondence files (unsorted), RW2077; correspondence files, sport and club files and photograph albums (unsorted), c. 1990-2002, RW2261; minute books, subject and correspondence files and early SRC records (unsorted), c. 1968-86, RW2267; minutes, agendas, correspondence, publications, diaries, photographs, banners, administration files, sports club files, 1974-2007, RW2534; publications - 'Hungappa', 1989-2007, RW2535; 152 boxes sorted (46.06m).
  • Rural Youth Organisation of NSW; Meeting minutes, correspondence files, financial records, governance, history, membership lists, club memberships lists and events, club management records, state conference programmes, promotional material, newsletters, competitions and event records, courses, project outlines for merit certificates, badges and pennants, photographs, educational slides, scrapbooks, and audio-visual material, 1938-2003, RW2279; 15 boxes, 1 oversized box, 6 albums, 23 digital files (3.33m).
  • United Farmers and Woolgrowers' Association of NSW and Farmers and Settlers' Association of NSW, Wagga Wagga District Council; minute books, cash payments and receipt book, balance sheets and council roll, letter book, correspondence, attendance books, publications Memorandum and New Articles of Association, NSW Report of the General Council, The Manual of the Farmers and Settlers' Association of NSW and Farmset Industrial Handbook, 1935-78, RW99; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Wagga Agricultural College Alumni; photographs and memorabilia (unsorted), RW2407.
  • Wagga Agricultural College Old Boys' Union (1951-); prospectus, rules and regulations, publications, directory of officers, correspondence, diaries, newspaper cuttings, photographs, notes on history of Wagga Wagga Experiment Farm and Wagga Wagga Agricultural College and minute book, 1937-81, RW272; newsletters, subject files, correspondence, minutes, accounts and receipts, record of achievement cards and name index cards, 1951-91, RW1566; newsletter on CD-ROM (pdf file) and printed copy (unsorted), 2004, RW2345; 15 boxes, 4 card drawers sorted (3.195m).
  • Wagga Wagga and District Chamber of Commerce (1936-); minute books, ledgers, journals, subject and correspondence files, material re Miss Wagga Wagga Quest (1946-) and miscellaneous publications, 1937-77, RW232; Miss Wagga Wagga Quest material, including entrants' books, correspondence, scrap books, publication History of the Miss Wagga Wagga Quest, posters and photographs, 1966-98, RW1140; minute books, files, press clippings, posters, photographs, Miss Wagga files, minutes and press clippings (unsorted) RW2458; 19 boxes, 26 posters sorted (4.355m).
  • Wagga Wagga and District Trades and Labour Council (1943-); minute book, 1962-71, RW1699; 1 volume (0.02m).
  • Wagga Wagga Show Society (1864-); operated originally as Murrumbidgee Pastoral Association (1864-1884) and Murrumbidgee Pastoral and Agricultural Association (1884-1961); minute books, sub-committee minute books, letter book, suggestion book, entry books, cash books, cash payments books, cash receipt books, ledgers, journal salary books, newspaper cuttings books, prize books, rule books and historical notes on the Murrumbidgee Pastoral and Agricultural Association, 1869-1979, RW201; 8 boxes part, 54 volumes (2.748m).
  • Wagga Wagga Teachers' College Alumni; ephemera, photographs and sculptures, 1948-95, RW2143; digital images on CD-ROM of 1953-54 session reunion dinner and photographs and other items from the late Joan Johnson(unsorted), RW2344; copies of WWTC publications, correspondence, ephemera, photographs and course notes (unsorted), c. 1947 - 2003, RW2447; 1 box, 2 photograph albums, 2 sculptures, 1 framed crest sorted (0.695m).

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