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  • Adelong Historical Society (1970-?); minute book, visitors' book, and correspondence, 1970-1980, RW1460; 1 box (0.065m).
  • Apex Club of South Wagga (1961-); Junee Convention minutes, annual reports, correspondence books, correspondence, board minutes, visitors' book and photographs, 1974-86, RW863; minute book, minutes and reports, Apex Club Association Convention minutes and papers, District Convention minutes, Zone and District minutes and reports, Apex District club files, circulars, District Governors' reports, correspondence and publications, 1936-93, RW1611; 15 boxes (2.45m).
  • Apex Club of Wagga Wagga (1932-); minute books, board minutes, treasurer's records, cash book, publications, annual reports and financial statements, audio tape of Old Buffers, scrap book, news film of 'Apex Pole Sit', papers re special projects, secretary's files and correspondence, 1924-79, RW118; annual reports, circulars, minutes, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, publications, photograph and scrapbooks, 1949-82, RW249; 13 boxes, 2 volumes (1.855m).
  • Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill, Wagga Wagga Branch; secretary's papers, 1986-89, RW1433; 1 box part (0.07m).
  • Australian Boy Scouts Association; blank certificates, blank record form, diary 1974, RW2551; 1 box (0.05m).
  • Australian Red Cross Society, Wagga Wagga Branch (1914-); Red Cross League formed in Wagga Wagga in 1914; president and secretary's report, correspondence, annual reports, receipts, publications, minutes of meetings, membership books, photographs, newspaper cuttings, balance sheets, minute books, treasurer's analysis book and journal, 1914-93, RW1490; Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) Unit papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, record books, annual reports, minutes (incomplete), correspondence, examination papers and results, membership lists and ephemera, 1925-94, RW1647; 5 boxes (0.875m).
  • Country Women's Association, Coolamon Evening Branch (1977-1992); minute books, cash books, payments book, receipts book and balance sheets, 1977-92, RW1588 items 27-36; 1 box part (0.07m).
  • Country Women's Association, Euberta Branch (1974-); minute books, 1974-88, RW1645; minute book, 1988-96, RW1776; financial records, 1974-1999, RW2573; 14 volumes (0.18m).
  • Country Woman's Association, Harefield Branch (1935-1956); minute book and cash book, 1952-56, RW1588 items 37-38; 2 volumes (0.02m).
  • Country Women's Association, Junee Reefs (1959-); minute books and scrap book, 1959-98, RW294; 4 volumes (0.175m).
  • Country Women's Association, Mangoplah Branch; minute books, log books, member lists, financial papers, land and building papers, visitors book, reports 1947-2000, RW2477; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Country Women's Association, Narrandera Branch (1929-); minute books, financial books; Younger Set minutes and financial papers; Hostel minutes, correspondence, finance and other records, 1929-2006, RW2557; 5 boxes (0.9m).
  • Country Women's Association, Oura Branch (1950-); minute book, cash payments and receipts books and statements of receipts and payments, 1950-98, RW1734; 6 volumes, 1 bundle (0.075m).
  • Country Women's Association, Paynter's Siding (1943-1988); minute books, visitor's book, correspondence, financial papers, reports, 1943-1988, RW2669; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Country Women's Association, Riverina Group; branch information books, record book, minute books, publication Country Women's Association of NSW Seventy Years of the Riverina Group, 1927-1997 and newspaper cuttings, 1931-97, RW1588 items 39-55; minute books, 1979-1998, RW2071; minute books 1998-2003, RW2476; 15 volumes, 11 boxes, 1 bundle (1.57m).
  • Country Women's Association, Riverina Group - Younger Set; minute books, 1959-71, RW1643; 2 volumes (0.03m).
  • Country Women's Association, Tarcutta Branch (c. 1932-); minute books, 1936-85, RW1578; 9 volumes (0.175m).
  • Country Women's Association, Tarcutta Evening Branch; minutes, notes, newsletters, clippings, financial records, 2001-2004, RW2478; 1 box (0.1m)
  • Country Women's Association, The Rock Branch (1947-); petty cash book, membership book, minute books, membership receipt book, annual reports, 25th Anniversary Congratulatory cards, financial statements, correspondence and plans, 1947-94, RW1667; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Country Women's Association, Wagga Wagga Branch; minute books, financial members books, attendance books, visitors' book, address book, birthday books, diaries, petty cash book, receipts and payments books, correspondence, publication The Silver Years: history of CWA 1922 - 1947, conference papers, newspaper clippings, publications, photographs, and Younger Set records,1940-98, RW1688; 4 boxes (0.72m).
  • Country Women's Association, Wantabadgery Branch (1948-1992); minute books, scrap books, annual reports, publication Ripples - A History of the CWA of NSW, accounts and receipts, cash books, receipts books, payments books and balance sheets, 1949-93, RW1588 items 1-26, 56-61; 2 boxes part (0.30m).
  • Freemasonry Collection - Lodge Harmony No.410 SC (1861-1888) No.22 UGL, NSW (1888-n.d.), Lodge Murrumbidgee (1886-1889), Lodge Loyalty No.358 (1920-n.d.), Lodge Wagga Unity (1949-n.d.), Lodge Murrumbidgee Daylight (1989-2002), Beranghi Association of Masons (1973-1997); also: Harmony Royal Arch Chapter No.19, Wagga Royal Arch Chapter No. 749 SC, Wagga Cryptic Council No. 749 SC, Sturt United Royal Arch Chapter No. 127 NSW and ACT, Allan Smith Royal Arch Chapter No 112, Wagga Wagga Rose Croix Lodge HRDM No 539, Lodge Southern Counties of Mark Master Masons; also: Riverina Preceptory No.249 E.C. and A.R. Wylie Riverina Preceptory No. 6 - Knight Templars of the Great Priory of NSW and ACT; also records from Lodges outside of Wagga Wagga: Lodge Alexandra (Junee), Lodge Ardlethan, Lodge Coolamon, Lodge Forest Hill, Lodge Fyfe (Culcairn), Lodge Ganmain, Lodge Gundagai United, Lodge Hume (Holbrook), Lodge Leopold (Narrandera), Lodge Remington (Henty), Lodge Temora, Lodge The Rock, Lodge Tumbarumba; minute books, correspondence, membership books, declaration books, financial books, invitations and installation ceremony booklets, publications, journals/bulletins, photographs, regalia, certificates and diplomas, 1846-2007, RW2463; John Drummond collection (United Grand Lodge of NSW and Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society), regalia, certificates, explanatory memorandum (ritual and lectures), 1934-1949, RW2464; Cornucopia Conclave, Order of Constantine, minute book, attendance register, correspondence, financial records, and certificates, 1993-2007, RW2547; 66 boxes (11.88m).
  • Girl Guides Association (NSW), Riverina Region (1929-); minute books, correspondence, conference reports and minutes, newsletters, notes, camp advisor records, subject files, camp programmes, Murrumbidgee Division records, including Amy Hurd's papers, Alice (Trixie) Read's papers, Guide and Brownie typescripts of 2WG radio broadcasts, records for Wagga Wagga District, Wagga Wagga Trefoil Guild, Turvey Park District, Mount Austin District, Kooringal District, Coolamon District, Junee District, Tarcutta District, Forest Hill District, Ganmain District, William Farrer Division, including Henty District, Lockhart District, Holbrook District, Culcairn District, Boree Creek District, Wiradjuri Division, including West Wyalong District, Cootamundra District, Temora District, Barmedman District, Ardlethan District, and Goobragandra Division, including Batlow District, Tumut District, Adelong District, Gundagai District, Tumbarumba District and Khancoban District, newspaper clippings, scrap books, memorabilia, photographs and publications, 1921-99, RW2028; minutes, correspondence, program books, membership books, financial records, publications, (unsorted) RW2597; 43 boxes, 3 volumes, 6 photograph albums, 1 item in map cabinet sorted (7.925m).
  • Gumi Festival Committee; minutes, correspondence, administrative papers, maps, medals, posters, photographs, (unsorted), RW2612; 11 boxes, (1.98m).
  • Hay Historical Society (1959-); "Portrait of Hay: a pictorial history of Hay and District" and "Haystacks", RW2004, 3 CD-ROMs (0.03m).
  • IDEAS (Information on Disability - Equipment Access Services) Inc., Tumut; minutes, correspondence, subject files, expositions, community transport records, financial records and publications, 1982-1997, RW2185., 6 boxes, (1m).
  • Lions Club of South Wagga; minute books, correspondence, committee reports, balance sheets and statement of accounts, proceedings of the 27th and 28th Multiple District Conventions, financial reports and official minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, 1970-81, RW200; board meeting agenda, Youth Exchange Manual and correspondence file, 1973-81, RW208; correspondence and papers, 1981-82 RW244; publications, treasurer's papers, 14th District Convention records, 1990 and 1997 Convention reports, 1975-97, RW1409; financial records, receipt books, cash books, audit reports to members, membership lists, treasurer's reports, minutes and correspondence, 1984-92, RW1516; 11 boxes, 1 bundle (1.505m).
  • Lions International, multiple district 201 N4; Administration files, Minutes, Reports, Parks Lioness Club, VALE, publications, bulletins/newsletters from miscellaneous clubs, newspaper clippings, and photographs, 1974-2004, RW2354; 7 boxes, 15 albums (1.26m).
  • Lions' International, Sub-district 201E, Wagga Wagga; convention files, newsletters, includes records of Lions Club of Central Wagga and Leos Club of South Wagga, Gumi Race records, Scrapbooks, minutes and correspondence, 1970-2004, RW1956; (see also Gumi Festival Committee); 2 boxes, 2 volumes, 1 volume and 1 photograph album (0.56m).
  • Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 111, Wagga Wagga; Brother Henry Pickering's certificates, By-Laws and papers, 1877-92, RW5 item 55; certificate addressed to George W. Edney, 1922; RW1181 item 1; (see Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society) (1.07m).
  • NSW Ex-POWs' Association, Wagga Wagga Branch (1958-1997); minute books, note book, minutes, correspondence, constitutions, publications, annual reports, newspaper clippings and photographs, 1958-97, RW1726; 3 boxes (0.525m).
  • Order of the Eastern Star; minute books, attendance books, cash books, agendas, service orders, regalia, Bibles, clippings book, miscellaneous objects, (unsorted), RW2613; 8 boxes.
  • Penguin Club of Australia, Inc. - Group 40, Wagga Wagga Branch; minute books, membership records, newsletters, attendance records, correspondence, constitution, syllabus and instruction books, RW2484; 3 boxes (0.39m).
  • Probus Club; Wagga Wagga Ladies' branch, newsletters, 1984-1987, RW985; Wagga Wagga branch, bulletins, constitution, minutes, list of members and correspondence, 1982-1989, RW1268; Wollundry Ladies' branch, minute books, 1986-2003, RW2150; Wagga Wagga Kooringal Men's branch, minute books, 1987-2005, RW2630; Wagga Wagga Garden City branch, minutes and correspondence, 1997-2007, RW2642; Wagga Wagga Ladies branch, minutes, newsletters, lists of members, 1984-2005, RW2726; 7 boxes (1m).
  • Quota International, Wagga Wagga Branch; publications, photographs, conference papers, histories, banner, certificate, ceramic bowl, 1986-2006, RW2667; 1 box, 1 small box (0.25m).
  • Riverina Regional Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Services (also known as the Wagga Wagga Day Care Centre); Dr Bottoms' correspondence, interstate and regional files, client information books, daily report books and diaries, records relating to aged care, proposals, plans, reports, and finance, 1963-1983, RW900; 7 boxes (1.26m).
  • Riverina Restoration and Protection Society and Wagga Wagga and District Acclimatisation Society; minute book containing photographs, 1938-40; RW5 item 65; (see Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society) (0.06m).
  • Rotaract Club of Wagga Wagga (1969-); correspondence and subject files, publications and flags, 1965-95, RW1638; district 970 Committee minutes, accounts, charter histories for Zones 1-3 and 5, correspondence, audit reports, district board meeting minutes, membership file, proposals and address book, district directories, slides, photographs, Wagga Rotaract Sloppy Joe, money collection aprons, sports singlets and trophies, 1969-93, RW1743; 7 boxes, 12 oversized items (2.105m).
  • Rotary Club of Wollundry, Wagga Wagga Inc.; minutes, correspondence, certificates and financial records (unsorted), RW2449; treasurer's papers, clippings, photographs, weekly bulletins, changeover of executive officers programmes, RW2489, 5 boxes sorted (0.6m).
  • Rotary District 9700; conference records, administrative files, slides, records, reel-to-reels, cassettes, trophy, certificate for Peak Hill Rotary, 1970-2003, RW2599; 20 boxes (4.00m).
  • Rotary Zone Institute Committee, event held in Wagga Wagga in 2003, no.38; minutes, correspondence, photographs, video, records relating to organisation of events, 2002-2003, RW2502.; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Save the Children, Wagga Wagga Branch; Minutes, correspondence, membership lists, annual reports, publications, NSW Division reports, 1972-2000, RW2443; 4 boxes (0.72m).
  • Service Women's Hostel, Wagga Wagga (1943-1946); autograph book, photographs, publications, correspondence, newspaper cuttings re Service Women's Hostel, 1943-46, RW1572; 1 box, 1 photograph album (0.115m).
  • Soroptimists International Wagga Wagga Inc.; Minute books, correspondence, subject files, conference papers, membership records, newsletters, publications, and photographs, 1970-2001, RW1331; minute book, Headquarters' correspondence and correspondence, 1990-94, RW1675; cash books, minutes, financial statements, annual returns and membership lists and correspondence, 1980-97, RW1717; 10 boxes (1.87m).
  • VIEW Club, Wagga Day branch (1977-); minutes, attendance books, awards, VIEW magazine, constitution, 1977-2008, RW2677; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Auxiliary; publicity book, 1973-1981, RW2558; 1 box (0.01m).
  • Wagga Wagga Community Information Centre; petty cash book, minute book, savings account book, newsletters and circulars, revised constitution, rosters, minutes of meetings and cash book, 1979-90, RW1522; 1 box part (0.0875m).
  • Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (1963-); archival collection of family and business papers, c. 1848-1969, RW5; archival collection of letters , photographs, and ephemera, 1857-1980, RW197; photograph of Wagga Wagga Court House, c. 1912, RW203; glass slides of Wagga Wagga and Bathurst Experiment Farms and Hawkesbury Agricultural College, photographs of Dr. Sinclair Long, standardised letter from King George V to WW1 service men and envelope addressed to Lt. A.C.B. Fitzhardinge, Sydney, c. 1890-1923, RW238; papers and notes re 1965 Royal Australian Historical Society Conference, newspaper cuttings, newspapers, photographs, Mayor's annual reports, miscellaneous publications, combined choirs notes and records, Wagga Wagga Male Choir minute book and attendance book, 1931-79, RW245; photographs of Sandy Creek Station, Nixon and Best families, Wantabadgery Station, Croaker family, Wagga Wagga Boys Band and Wagga Wagga City Golf Clubhouse with golfers, 1895-1924, RW1130; Loyal Orange Lodge certificate addressed to George W. Edney, Shire of Mitchell service certificates, plan of Lake Albert school and teacher's residence and map of 'Tupra' Station, 1877-1919, RW1181; Wagga Wagga Telephone Exchange log book, 1950-67, RW1273; archival collection (unsorted), RW2448; 13 boxes, 4 bundles, 3 certificates, 2 plans, 6 volumes, 2 framed items, 16+ photograph albums, 1 photograph box sorted (6.255m).
  • Wagga Wagga and District Police Citizens Boys' Club; ledger cards, subject files, correspondence, club plans and documents, police attendance book, cycling club minute book, annual meeting reports and balance sheet, minute book, diaries, correspondence book and subscribers book, 1962-81, RW171; 5 boxes (1.145m).
  • Wagga Wagga International Club (1971-); constitution and rules, minute books, financial membership books, cash payment and receipt books, treasurer's diaries, audited accounts, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, ephemera, photographs, Ladies Auxiliary minute books and correspondence, framed certificates and plans, 1969-92, RW1580; 3 boxes (1.535m).
  • Wagga Wagga Legacy Club (1932-); Board of Management minutes, annual reports and financial statements, publications, record of proceedings of the NSW Southern Regional Legacy Conference, record of proceedings of the State Conference of NSW Legacy Clubs, record of proceedings of the Annual Conference of Legacy Clubs of Australia, annual conference agenda papers, photograph of delegates to Legacy Clubs conference held in Wagga Wagga and Legacy badge transfer, 1932-80, RW151; Temora Group minutes, Cootamundra Group correspondence and minutes, Southern Highland Group minutes, Deniliquin Group minutes, Narrandera Group minutes, Young Group minutes and correspondence, 1953-75, RW173; 11 boxes (1.82m).
  • Wagga Wagga Senior Citizens' Association; formerly Old Age and Invalid Pensioners' Association; correspondence, minute books, financial records and membership books, 1949-97, RW2139; 2 boxes (0.36m).
  • Wagga Wagga S.O.C.I.A.L. Slimmers; minute books, 1973-1997, RW2629; 12 volumes (0.27m).
  • Zonta International, District XVI, Wagga Wagga (1982-1989); minute book, subject files, correspondence, conventions and conference reports, membership records, service project records, newsletters, information cards and brochures, newspaper clippings, publications, and photographs , 1981-89, RW1562; 2 boxes (0.28m).

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