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  • Arts Council of NSW, Wagga Wagga Branch (1970-); subject and correspondence files, 1970-88, RW1452, 4 boxes (0.7m).
  • Australian National Choral Championship, Wagga Wagga; minutes, programmes and correspondence (unsorted), 1990-2000, RW2052.
  • Edna Busse and the Inland Ballet, Wagga Wagga; copy of Elizabeth Harding's cuttings book, newspaper clippings, programmes and images, 1979-1985, RW2351; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Cantilena Singers, Wagga Wagga; correspondence, including Wagga Civic Choir correspondence, newsletters, newspaper cuttings, scrap book, attendance registers, membership lists, subject files, programmes and financial records, 1977-90, RW1595; Minutes, correspondence, financial papers, membership lists, programmes, newspaper clippings, 1987-2007, RW2611; 4 boxes (0.72m).
  • "Dixieland" Entertainment Arena (c.1920-30), open air dance floor whose entrance was situated in Sturt Street, Wagga Wagga; scrap book containing "Dixieland" ephemera and photographs, c. 1930, RW1143; 1 volume (0.075m).
  • Warran Bros. "Empire" Theatre (1950-65), Ganmain; built in 1925 by Arthur Maslin and operated as "The Empire Theatre". Maslin sold the theatre to Leo Smith in 1928. After exchanging hands several times, the Warran brothers bought the theatre in 1950 and operated it until they closed its doors in 1965; correspondence files, accounts and receipts, balance sheets, cash books, purchases journals, exhibitor's diaries, publicity posters, press releases and film posters, 1950-66, RW228; 18 boxes, 12 posters (3.26m).
  • Friends of the City Art Gallery Inc., Wagga Wagga; minutes, correspondence, rules, newsletters, financial reports and papers relating to acquisitions, 1993-2012, RW2353; 1 box (0.18m).
  • Hay Athenaeum (1875-1949); inaugural meeting of the Hay Athenaeum Committee occurred on 25 November 1875. In 1888, the Committee took possession of the Hay Court House to house its facilities. The Athenaeum's library was transferred to the custody of Hay Municipal Public Library in 1947, and two years later the Athenaeum ceased functioning; visitors' book, minute books and cash books, 1875-1958, RW610; 3 boxes (0.525m).
  • International Trombone Association (1972-), Wagga Wagga; correspondence and subject files, minute book, financial records, brochures and publications, 1972-86, RW976; video and audio tapes of performances and lessons, publications, brochures and posters, 1974-89, RW1101; correspondence, financial records, publications, photographs and audio tape, 1979-89, RW1499; 9 boxes (1.575m).
  • Miss Wagga Wagga Quest (1946-); see Wagga Wagga and District Chamber of Commerce (Agricultural, Employer, Labour and Professional Agencies).
  • National Trust of Australia (NSW), Riverina Branch, Wagga Wagga; colour slides of various Riverina historical buildings, 1975-77, RW16; Riverina Regional Committee minutes and correspondence with Head Office re membership of Regional Committee, 1977-81, RW247; Riverina Regional Committee, minutes, correspondence, subject files, reports, books, publications, photographs, negatives, slides, 1977-2004, RW2622; 9 boxes, 11 photograph albums (2.07m).
  • Riverina Concert Band, Wagga Wagga; formerly Riverina Brass Band; correspondence and newsletters, 1976-84, RW452; practice schedule book, newsletters, Director's directives, list of band members, correspondence and programme for The Music Man, 1977-88, RW1147 items 1-19; 2 boxes part (0.245m).
  • Riverina Conservatorium Centre, Wagga Wagga; correspondence files and brochures, 1978-85, RW943; subject files and posters, 1987, RW1134; posters of farewell recital by Mark McGee and production of Evita, 1989, RW1217; Wagga Wagga and Albury-Wodonga Riverina Music Centres and Riverina Conservatorium of Music correspondence files, memorandums, financial records, minutes, programmes, concert files, newsletters, central records file, photographs and posters, 1977-89, RW1598; framed certificate of Lorraine Campbell and scrapbook (unsorted), RW2295; Board minutes and agendas, 1999-2002, RW2480; 6 boxes, 2 posters, 1 bundle (unsorted) of posters (1.878m).
  • Riverina Music Centre, Wagga Wagga and Albury-Wodonga; correspondence re the establishment of the Riverina Music Centre in Wagga Wagga, minutes of meetings of friends of RMC Albury-Wodonga, Trio correspondence, minutes of the Interim Management Committee at Wagga Wagga, 1975-83, RW255; secretary's papers, RMC Albury-Wodonga development and minutes, RMC Wagga Wagga correspondence, recitals and Interim Management Committee minutes and papers, 1980-82, RW278; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Riverina Theatre Company Inc. (c. 1975-), Wagga Wagga; theatre and office based on Charles Sturt University's South Campus, on Hely Avenue, Wagga Wagga; correspondence files, financial records, minutes, ephemera, audio tapes and photographs (unsorted), c. 1978-96, RW1780.
  • Theatre Programmes, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London, c. 1920-28; Stewart family (see Personal and Families).
  • Riverina Trio, Wagga Wagga; correspondence, photographs, memorandums and term reports, 1981-86, RW888; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Wagga Wagga Art Society; scrapbooks, leaflet and entry form, 1950-1969, RW5 items 81-83; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies); Margaret Read's scrapbooks and newspaper cuttings, 1952-1980, RW1589; minutes, correspondence, financial records, constitution and by-laws, membership lists, newsletters, history, newspaper articles, exhibition catalogues and invitations, 1950-2009, RW2719; 4 boxes, 8 volumes, 3 bundles (1.24m).
  • Wagga Wagga Boys Band; photograph, n.d., RW1130; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies).
  • Wagga Wagga Caledonian Society (1969-75); minute book, correspondence, constitution and rules, collection of music sheets, sketch book, assorted ephemera and small banner, 1968-75, RW1745; 2 boxes (0.565m).
  • Wagga Wagga Choral Society; souvenir programme of Florodora, 1929, RW178; 1 item (0.01m).
  • Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery; xerox copies of minutes of Board of Trustees, Annual Report, correspondence, Director's correspondence, Art Gallery and display transfers files, c. 1944-97, RW1663; 3 boxes (0.525m).
  • Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod Society (1921-); first operated as Riverina District Eisteddfod Society in 1921; minutes, correspondence, concert records, set pieces and speech selections, adjudicators list, petty cash books, ephemera, banner and medallions, syllabuses and official programmes, 1921-92, RW625; 4 boxes (0.7m).
  • Wagga Wagga Literary Institute (1859-) and Wagga Wagga School of Arts (1859-); the Wagga Wagga School of Arts opened simultaneously with the Mechanics' Institute in 1859; minute books, membership register, newspaper cuttings books, cash books, correspondence, wages books, statements of income and expenditure, 1904-76, RW117; Wagga Wagga School of Arts photographs, 1952-75, RW129; Wagga Wagga School of Arts minute book, ledger, balance sheets, specifications and plans of buildings, correspondence, annual and financial report, 1935-77, RW159; Wagga Wagga School of Arts Bulletin, 1976-77, RW402; Wagga Wagga School of Arts programmes, 1968-77 RW672; Wagga Wagga School of Arts correspondence, minutes, financial records, note books, agreements, receipt books, Drama Festival correspondence and publication Bulletin 1972-84, 1935-83, RW1033, papers (unsorted), RW2161; office papers, clippings books, photographs and videos (unsorted), c. 1965-2004, RW2293; programmes, subject and correspondence files, plaque and video (unsorted), c. 1970-95, RW2382; Wagga Wagga School of Arts Regional Theatre, reports, correspondence, 'Bulletins', programmes, constitution and Council negotiations, RW2470; Wagga Wagga School of Arts, performance programmes, RW2475; 30 boxes, 4 photograph folders, 2 bundles sorted (5.695m).
  • Wagga Wagga Male Choir; minute book and attendance book, 1931-54, RW245; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies) (0.025m).
  • Wagga Wagga Pro Musica Inc.; papers (unsorted), RW2157; correspondence, programmes and minutes, 1984-1992, (unsorted) RW2455; (see also Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod Society, RW625).
  • Wagga Wagga Shakespeare Society; formerly Wagga Wagga Shakespeare Club; minute books, agendas, correspondence, note books, annual reports and statement of accounts, publication The Shakespeare Newsletter, brochures, President's and secretary's reports, 1929-90, RW1454; discussion lectures, correspondence, publication 'The Shakespeare Ladies' by Jen Thompson, newspaper clippings book and oral history audio tapes, RW2386; 3 boxes (0.54m).
  • Wollundry Singers Inc., minute books, correspondence, membership and cast lists, publicity material, photographs, RW2525; correspondence, adjudication reports, receipts, production files, newspaper clippings, programmes and memorabilia, photographs, ephemera, CD-ROM with images, RW2603; 6 boxes, (1.1m).

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