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  • Bidgee District Pony Club Inc., Wagga Wagga; correspondence, minute books and receipt books (unsorted), RW2035; office records from Bidgee Pony Club, Wagga and District Pony Club and Zone 12 Pony Club (unsorted), RW2225; office records (unsorted), RW2390.
  • Brucedale Hall Committee; minute book, financial records and research notes (unsorted), 1964-97, RW2217.
  • Central Riverina National Football League, Wagga Wagga; minute book, correspondence, annual report and constitution and rules, 1965-81, RW199; 2 boxes (0.15m).
  • Charles Sturt, Wagga Wagga Horse Trials and Hunt Club; see Bidgee District Pony Club Inc., RW2390.
  • Country Rugby Union of NSW Referees' Association and Riverina Rugby Union Referees' Association, Wagga Wagga; correspondence and circulars, minute books, referee reports, annual reports, constitutions, directories, contact cards, examination papers, information sheets, programmes and Appointments Board reports, 1970-91, RW1581; minutes and correspondence, 1991-1992, RW1650; 3 boxes 2 bundles (0.525m).
  • Currawarna Public Hall Trustees; xerox copy of minute books, land title deed of trust and ledger, 1912-77, RW1682; 1 box (0.075m).
  • East Wagga Softball Club (1982-), Wagga Wagga; minute book, correspondence, cash payments and receipts book, cash receipts book, working fee book, fee book, score books, list of players in grades, softball rule books, East Wagga softball cap and badges, 1982-88, RW1493; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Euberta Hall Committee (1923-); minute books, cash books, annual balance sheets, wages book, subscription list for Euberta Hall, miscellaneous correspondence, architectural plans of hall, programme and tickets, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations programmes and attendance book and copy of the regulations for the management of Euberta Public Hall, 1923-84, RW334; 1 box part (0.13m).
  • Euberta Tennis Club (1948-); minute books containing details of matches booked, fees, balance sheets and subscription lists, 1948-78, RW335; 2 volumes (0.03m).
  • Narrandera Cricket Association; score books, 1940-48, RW2138; 4 volumes (0.05m).
  • Narrandera Tennis Club (1896-); minute book (unsorted), 1896-1901, RW2137.
  • New South Wales Branch of the Australian Carriage Driving Society Inc.; correspondence, minutes, treasurer's files, publications, constitution and rules, membership lists and photographs, 1980 - 2003, RW2412; 6 boxes (1.08m).
  • Oura Tennis Club; minute book, 1923-49, RW1052; 1 volume (0.015m).
  • Pony Club Association of NSW, Zone 12, Wagga Wagga; correspondence files, minute books, financial records, including deposit books, receipt books, payments books, constitution and rule books, memo book and information files, 1958-91, RW1520; minute books, correspondence book and secretary's day diary, 1958-89, RW1590; office records (unsorted), see Bidgee District Pony Club Inc., RW2390; 9 boxes sorted, 3 boxes unsorted (1.575m).
  • Riverina District Associates' Golf Association (1931-), Wagga Wagga; minute books, cash book, list of winners of Riverina District Associates' Golf Association trophies book, results of inter-town matches book, details of junior golf camps books, mail book, subject and correspondence files, annual reports, papers and photographs re history of golf clubs in the Riverina, newspaper cuttings and Australian Ladies' Golf Union year book, 1931-84, RW1349; subject files, attendance book, publications and photographs, 1955-96, RW2010; 5 boxes and 1 photograph album (0.885m).
  • The Riverine Club (1881- ); Wagga social club for professionals and business men and women; minutes, financial records, members registers, suggestion book, building plans (1881-2002), RW2633; 7 boxes, 26 volumes, 9 rolled plans (2.26m).
  • South Collingullie Tennis Club; minute book, treasurer's books, scoring books, letters, 1937-1967, RW2488; 1 box (0.12m).
  • South Wagga Tennis Club; papers and publication, 1927-32, RW5 item 71; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies) (0.01m).
  • South Western District Swimming Association; minutes (unsorted), RW879.
  • Trustees of the Oura Recreation Reserve (1922-); minute book and correspondence book, 1922-93, RW1735; 1 box part (0.025m).
  • Wagga and District Pony Club Members Auxiliary; see Bidgee District Pony Club Inc., RW2390.
  • Wagga and District Soccer Football Association; minute book, accounts book and contribution cards, Association rules and fixtures book, accounts, receipts, newspaper cuttings and team sheets, Dutch soccer club 'The Clogs' summary book, photographs, souvenir programmes and miscellaneous items, 1954-60, RW1343; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Wagga Model Aero Club Inc.; minutes, Annual General Meeting minutes and Committee Meeting minutes, membership sheets, membership applications, newsletters, rules and instructions, financial records and other papers, 1972-2002, RW2301; newsletters, correspondence, constitution and minutes (unsorted), RW2381; 7 boxes sorted (1.26m).
  • Wagga Show Trotting Club and Night Trotting Control Board; minute books, field books, cash books, cash payments books and cash receipts books, 1950-74, RW201 volumes 94-120; 27 volumes (0.65m).
  • Wagga Wagga Amateur Picnic Race Club (1906-); journal, postage books, receipts, guest books, cash payments registers, private ledgers and membership receipt book, 1951-78, RW1055; 2 boxes; minute books, Culcutta sweeps book and guests journal (unsorted), RW2131 (0.35m).
  • Wagga Wagga Amateur Swimming and Life Saving Club (1953-) and Murrumbidgee Amateur Swimming Association (1968-1978); minute books and visitor's book, 1953-78, RW144; minute books (unsorted), 1976-92, RW2288; 2 boxes part sorted (0.275m).
  • Wagga Wagga Bowling Association; Wagga District Bowling Association President's reports, constitution, payments and receipts statement, record of draw for matches, handbook, programmes and publications, newspaper cuttings books, Royal NSW Bowling Association draft financial report, balance sheet, minutes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, information files, record of results and Wagga Commercial Club financial records, record of regulations and activities and minutes, 1948-78, RW1048; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Wagga Wagga City Bowling Club (1912-?); minute books, registers of members, visitor's books, appointment diary, general ledger, journals, certificates, building plans and applications, cash books and payroll book, 1938-88, RW1583, 6 boxes, 14 volumes (1.36m).
  • Wagga Wagga City Golf Club (1895-); minute books, visitor's book, ledgers, journal, rule book, cash payments books, miscellaneous papers and photographs, 1928-74, RW193; photograph of club house and golfers, 1924, RW1130; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies); minute books, publication 100 Years of Golf 1895-1995, correspondence, cash book and profit and loss statements, 1933-95, RW1495; 6 boxes, 1 photograph box part, 2 photograph posters in map cabinet (2m).
  • Wagga Wagga Country Club Women's Committee; minutes, financial records, year books, rules books, scoring books, 1946-2005, RW2631; 5 boxes, 8 volumes (1.00m).
  • Wagga Wagga Cricket Club; cash book, cash receipt books, balance sheets, correspondence, accounts and receipts, 1953-58, RW1657; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Wagga Wagga Junior Rugby League Inc.; minutes, correspondence, registration lists, draws, clippings, photographs, 1974-1999, RW2059; 8 boxes (1.44m).
  • Wagga Wagga Lawn Tennis Club; minute books, 1922-40, RW5 items 84-85; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies) (0.065m).
  • Wagga Wagga Spring Festival Committee; minutes of Committee meetings, 1983, RW1148; 1 bundle (0.015m).
  • Wagga Wagga Square Dance Set (1974-1975); minute book, cash book, bank statements and miscellaneous financial papers, 1974-75, RW1403; 1 box (0.075m).
  • Wagga Wagga Tennis Association (1889-); newspaper cuttings books, minute books, cash payments and receipts book, members index and annual fees book and miscellaneous papers, 1889-1978, RW1351; 3 boxes (0.525m).
  • Wagga Wagga Volleyball Association Inc.; Committee minutes and correspondence, general correspondence, publications, incorporation papers, registration records, competition results, WWVA Inc. Constitution and Rules, account books, income and expenditure books, newsletters, clippings, ephemera and photographs, 1977-98, RW2054; Committee minutes and correspondence, 1999-2000, RW2122; competition results and rule books, 1993-2001, RW2148; office files (unsorted), RW2227; office files, membership records and scores (unsorted), 2002-03, RW2325; 17 boxes, 1 photograph album sorted (2.98m).

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