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  • Berembed Station (1832-?); Matong; station diaries, 1965-86, RW1041; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Blowering Station; Tumut; diary, license for passenger hire, note books, photographs, pilot's log book, accounts and receipts, 1928-65, RW1045; 3 boxes part (0.43m).
  • Bulgary Pastoral Company; Leitch family, Bulgary; papers re conditional purchase of land in Berry Jerry area and maps, 1871-1908, RW36; accounts and receipts, notebooks, wages book, rainfall charts, correspondence, parish maps, plans and diagrams, 1905-53, RW42; 9 boxes, 26 diagrams and plans (2.425m).
  • T. Bull & Co. and Bull Bros.; Yarramundi Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd., Darlington Point, Thomas Louis Bull OBE, Commonwealth Country Party Senator; family and business papers including account books, diary, notebooks, duplicate invoice book, income tax assessment notices, insurance policies, correspondence and photograph, 1932-75, RW339 boxes 3-4; 2 boxes (0.35m).
  • Bullenbong Station (1843-?), Wagga Wagga; Davidson family; family papers, station papers re boundary claims, returned licenses, press cutting book and framed plan of station, c. 1848-1950, RW5 items 18-24; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies) (1.085m).
  • Bull's Run Station; see Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Bygoo Station, Ardlethan; Stewart family (see Personal and Families).
  • Messrs. Carley Bros.; "Ellamatta", Morven; stock owner's note books, shed book, diaries, journal, correspondence, receipts, Land Board Office for permission for of enclosure of road, wool sale catalogue, 1922-54, RW7; 1 box (0.075m).
  • Deepwater Station; see Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Dhulura (1893-?), Wagga Wagga; Booth family (see Personal and Families).
  • Erin Vale Station (1869-); Fitzpatrick family, Junee Reefs; mortgage, newspaper cuttings, publications, insurance papers, correspondence, accounts, notebooks, wool book, diaries, diaries of Thomas J. A. Fitzpatrick, letter books, cash books, ledgers, journals, stores books, photographs, miscellaneous publications, ephemera, 1883-1950, RW93; 42 boxes, 19 volumes, 3 photograph albums part (8.25m).
  • T. A. Field Estates Pty. Ltd.; Hunthawang Station, Hillston; shearing agreements, monthly wage sheets, telegrams received, memorandums, correspondence, employee agreements, permits to transport sheep and large stock, letters from T. A. Field Ltd. (Sydney Office), accounts and receipts and wool weight books, 1927-51, RW133; 5 boxes (1.14m).
  • Ganmain Station (1832-?); see Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Groongal, Wyvern and Bringagee Stations; see W. A. Merrylees & Co. and J. E. Merrylees & Co.
  • Gundaline Pastoral Company (Cooinbil) Pty. Ltd.; portion of Toganmain Station, Carrathool; ledgers, cash books, journals, stock book, pay slip books, permit to travel stock books, diaries, stock sales invoice books, sales/agistment invoice books, application for produce registers, application for progeny registers, herd book registrations, calf record and herd book application forms, shearing/crutching tally books, wool books, wool waybill books, financial records, correspondence, maps, publications, rainfall charts, newspaper cuttings and photographs, 1929-92, RW1600; minute books - no. 1 and 2, 1912-1935, RW2600; see also Campbell family, Personal and Families; 36 boxes, 2 volumes (6.36m).
  • Keringa, Hay and Narringa, Gunbar; John Alan Gibson and Gibson family (see Personal and Families).
  • E. & P. Killen, Wokolena, Wagga Wagga, station records, correspondence, photographs, publications and ephemera (unsorted), RW2436.
  • Merrigal Station; Hillston; papers re construction of bridge over Lachlan River, including plans and specifications, 1895-96, RW132; 1 box part (0.355m).
  • W. A. Merrylees & Co. and J. E. Merrylees & Co.; Groongal Station, Carrathool; wages book, ledger and letterhead sample, 1923-62, RW75; letter books of Charles FT Truman, Groongal, Wyvern and Bringagee Station letter books and financial records, 1865 - 1903, RW2335; 4 boxes and 1 oversized volume (0.645m).
  • Mulwala Station; Sloane family, Mulwala; accounts and receipts, cash books, wheat books, wool books, letters and papers received, plans of woolshed, shearing papers, newspaper cuttings, letter books, Wm. Sloane & Co. (Melbourne) papers and show certificates, 1864-1930, RW233; 44 boxes, 9 items (7.7m).
  • Murraguldrie Station and Toonga Station; Parramore family, Wagga Wagga; Toonga Station papers, 1903-76, RW5 items 78-79; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies); ledgers, financial records, correspondence and stock notebook of W. T. Parramore (at Throwley Hall stock sale, England, 1877), 1903-85, RW1488; 2 boxes, 1 volume, 1 bundle (0.78m).
  • Murrulebale-Rockview Station (1846-?); see Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Perricoota Station; portion of Tubbo Estate Co. Pty. Ltd., Darlington Point; stock book and photograph, 1907-11, RW168; 1 volume, 1 photograph (0.08m).
  • Sandy Creek Station; Nixon and Best families, Wagga Wagga; photographs, c. 1895-1902, RW1130; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies).
  • Scottish Australian Investment Co. Ltd.; Bull's Run Station, Ganmain Station, Deepwater Station and Murrulebale-Rockview Station, Ganmain, Old Junee and Wagga Wagga; letters to and from Head Office (Sydney), budgets, correspondence, financial records, memorandums, agreements, rainfall charts, tracings of parish maps for County Bourke, employee's statement book, notebooks, ledgers, journals, wages books, photographs and parish maps, 1885-1976; RW48; 16 boxes, 20 volumes, 11 maps and plans (5.45m).
  • Tor Downs Station; Menindee; accounts, manager's correspondence, 'out' letters, diaries, instructions ledger, tally book, wages ledger and wool analysis shearing record, 1900-71, RW1683; 4 boxes part, 2 volumes (0.67m).
  • Tubbo Estate Co. Pty. Ltd. (1887-); Tubbo Station, Whitton; Director's Head Office records, including minute books and letter books, probates, Station letter books, journals, ledgers, cash books, receipt books, manager's diaries, overseer's diaries, ration books, correspondence, stores issued books, diaries, store books, telegram books, wool way bill books, wool weight books, invoices, papers, tally books, agreements, wage sheets, maps and plans, stocking records and balance sheets, day books, shearer's ledgers, Tubbo rainfall records, sheep stud record book, ration books and photographs, 1858-1972, RW2 (69.87 m).
  • Tupra Station; station map, 1899, RW1181 item 5; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies).
  • Wantabadgery Station, Wagga Wagga; photographs, c. 1930, RW1130; Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies).
  • Yaralla, Junee; Quilter family (see Personal and Families).

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