Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

2021 Livestock Forum

Save the date: Friday 30 July 2021

The Graham Centre Livestock Forum will showcase research from Charles Sturt University, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the industry.

It will also feature panel discussions with livestock producers sharing their experience.

Practical research for beef and sheep producers to apply on-farm.

When: Friday 30 July 2021



9am- 10:30am Livestock industries: environmental sustainability, profit and the path to carbon neutrality

  • Overview of the Australian Red Meat Industry’s Carbon Neutral by 2030 Initiative - Doug McNicholl, Meat & Livestock Australia Program Manager Sustainability and Innovation
  • Transitioning the agricultural sector to a decarbonised economy - Dr Cathy Waters, NSW DPI Climate Research Leader
  • Carbon trading: is it worth it for Riverina livestock producers? -Michael Gooden, RCS Australia
  • Selling carbon credits to Microsoft - Stuart Austin, Wilmot Cattle Company

Q&A style panel discussion with industry experts and chaired by Charles Sturt Professor of Food Sustainability Niall Blair with NSW DPI soil scientist Dr Susan Orgill

Morning Tea 10:30am to 11am

Concurrent sessions: 11am to 11:50am


Update on research to drive more value from cull cows Dr Michael Campbell, Charles Sturt

Barley grass seed and sheep carcase damage Dr Jane Kelly, Charles Sturt

Shifting the paradigm for disease diagnosis in feedlot cattle: can a precision diagnostics approach lift producer returns? Associate Professor Jane Quinn, Charles Sturt

The Sheep Sustainability Framework Professor Bruce Allworth, Charles Sturt

Genetic strategies aimed at improving the resilience of livestock and development of the breeding index – ImmuneDEX Brad Hine, CSIRO

Using modelling to refine management of ewes at joining: Amy Bates,Charles Sturt PhD student

A new medium for long term liquid storage of bull sperm at ambient temperature Dr Allan Gunn, Charles Sturt

Lamb mortality - do producers really know? Kayla Kopp, Charles Sturt PhD student

Assessing maternal behaviour and calf health in beef cattle Rory Nevard, Charles Sturt Masters research student

Autonomous mustering of sheep with drones using AI Professor Bruce Allworth, Charles Sturt

Assessing the effects of heat stress on bull semen parameters; understanding that some bulls are affected more than others DR Allan Gunn, Charles Sturt

Pilot study of a nutritional supplement, COS (chitosan oligosaccharide – derived from crustacean shells) fed to pregnant ewes Professor Bing Wang, Charles Sturt

Safeguarding Australian beef exports and market access with the verification of TVB-N as a freshness biomarker Dr Benjamin Holman, NSW DPI

The effects of feeding level and age on the digestibility of a pelleted diet Tom Keogh, Charles Sturt PhD student

Bloat in southern beef production systems Dr Mary McQuillan Charles Sturt

Development of technologies for lamb carcase assessment Dr Steph Fowler, NSW DPI

11:55am- 1:20pm Building resilient livestock systems

  • Strengthening on-farm surveillance: A farmer led partnership approach to strengthening biosecurity in local farming communities - Jennifer Manyweathers Charles Sturt
  • Practical biosecurity steps on-farm - Sophie Hemley Animal Health Australia
  • Ecosystem benefits of dung beetles for sheep and cattle grazing operations, an update from the Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers - Dr Russ Barrow Charles Sturt
  • Hard seeded legumes in the pasture mix for soil and productivity - Dr Belinda Hackney NSW DPI
  • To restock or not to restock? Crunching the numbers with current high livestock prices - John Francis AGRISTA
  • Producer case study: Managing livestock numbers during a volatile period - Bobby Miller, Jugiong