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2014 Graham Centre Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum

Program: 2014 Field Forum Program
Event Proceedings: 2014 Graham Centre Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum Proceedings
Contact: Toni Nugent, Ph: 0418 974 775, Email:

The Field Forum brings together farmers, researchers and advisers. It's your opportunity to help identify gaps in our knowledge and set research and development priorities while learning the latest on mixed farming in southern NSW.

Participate in discussions to identify areas of concern to farmers and direct future Graham Centre research.

  • Farming with stubble
    • Coping with weeds, diseases and pests
    • Canopy temperature during frost events
  • Livestock and the feedbase
    • Strategies for managing risk
    • Matching livestock requirements with the feedbase
    • Managing biosecurity

See demonstrations and trials on conservation cropping, weed and disease management, pastures and crop sequencing.

General Field Site Information

Research trials and demonstrations focus on integrating crop and livestock production and include:

Conservation cropping

Stubble management

  • We have a large scale experiment to compare options for farming with stubble which began in 2013 and continues this year. The plots were prepared with full size farm equipment and each is over 600 m long.
  • For notes on the 2013 experiment see:

Cropping sequences

Comparing plant rooting depths

  • Three wheat varieties with different root growths will be sown next to the soil pit at two sowing times to see whether there is potential to improve root growth in our soil.
  • For more on this trial, click here [PDF].

Weed and disease management

The latest in weed and disease management will be at the September Field Forum. Trials sown at the Field Site in 2014 are:

Weed management
  • Selection of crop cultivars for weed suppression
    • Now in its fourth year, this trial is assessing the abilities of various crop varieties to reduce or suppress in-crop weeds and subsequently summer weeds.
    • Barley has been sown into last year's Crop Cultivar trial to see what effects various varieties have had on weeds this year.
  •  Weed suppressive canolas
    • This trial is looking at the ability of canola varieties to suppress weeds through competition and allelopathy.
  • Influence of rotational sequences on the soil weed seed bank
    • This is the start of a 5-year trial that is studying the survival of weed seeds in soil under standard crop and pasture rotations.
  • Weed suppressive wheats
    • Do some wheat varieties suppress weed populations through such characters as early vigour, plant architecture and possibly allelopathy? This trial is looking for these characteristics in a range of current and old wheats.

For more on the weed management trials in 2014, click here [PDF].

Disease management
  • Canola and blackleg
    • Trial this year is looking at the response of canola cultivars with different resistances.
  • Sclerotinia stem rot in canola
  • Root lesion nematodes in wheat

Ruminant feedbase

Integrating natural areas

  • Refuges for beneficial insects

Yield Prophet® Data

We are running Yield Prophet to simulate the growth and yield of wheat plots growing at the Field Site. These simulations are done every one to two weeks through the growing season.

Please click here for more information on our use of Yield Prophet and for the reports during 2014. 

Further Information

For more information on the Field Site, please contact Dr Gordon Murray.