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Fleabane - Regional and National Workshops

"Fleabane — an emerging weed in southern farming systems"

Date: 21 – 22 March 2012
Venue: Convention Centre, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Two successful workshops - a regional workshop and a national workshop on fleabane were run by the Graham Centre, in collaboration with Queensland's DEEDI, at Wagga Wagga on 21-22 March. The workshops were timely, and organised in response to the rapid spread of flaxleaf fleabane in the southern region over the last five years.

Paddock with heavy infestation of fleabaneA total of 70 growers, advisors and researchers attended the two workshops. The close collaboration between researchers was a key highlight of the workshop.

Invited speakers across Australia covered a broad range of topics including the biology and ecology of fleabane, identification of fleabane species, dispersal mechanisms, glyphosate resistance, the most up-to-date management information on fleabane control in crops, pastures and fallows, and the potential for biological control of fleabane.

"The excellent results presented by researchers from the northern grain region have led to better management options for fleabane in the southern region," Dr Hanwen Wu said.

Workshops evaluation

Feedback was sought from workshop participants, with about half the delegates completing evaluation forms.

"One of the great outcomes of the workshops was the identification of knowledge gaps for future research. Pastures, as key components of the mixed farming systems in southern Australia, have been identified as one of the weakest links toward the overall management of fleabane control, along roadsides and fence rows," explained Hanwen.

Several responses by workshop attendees also highlighted the need for a better understanding of the impact of fleabane on livestock.

"Integrated management, with more detail sought on systems approaches and the economics of various management approaches was also sought by workshop participants," Hanwen said.

"Packaging and dissemination of currently available information was another key issue identified at the workshops."

Respondents indicated they gained new knowledge in the areas of fleabane biology/morphology, chemical usage, in terms of tank mixes, legal options and timing.

Workshop Booklet

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