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Conference Support Scheme


The aim of the Conference Support Scheme (CSS) is to provide financial assistance for Graham Centre members to attend significant and relevant national and international conferences and workshops that will enhance their knowledge, activity and performance within the Centre's research priority areas.

Important dates

  • Applications Open Wednesday 19th May
  • Applications Close Wednesday 16th June

N.B.:  Please adhere to the application date - NO 'out of session' applications will be considered. Please apply now for any conferences in 2021, as there may not be a further round.


The value of each grant is variable, dependent on the conference location. The maximum amount payable per award is:

  • Within Australia – $1,500 (with the following exceptions)
    • Less than 300km from home campus – maximum $600
    • Western Australia and the Northern Territory – maximum $2,000
  • Outside Australia - $3,500 (with the following exception)
    • New Zealand – maximum  $2,000


  1. Full and Associate Members of the Graham Centre who are employed at Charles Sturt or NSW DPI are eligible to apply, as are Graham Centre student members. (Please view membership information)
  2. Please check your level of membership BEFORE applying (if unsure please contact Graham Centre staff)
  3. There is no limit to the number of CSS grants that Full and Associate Members may apply for during the term of their membership
  4. Student Members are eligible for two national and one international CSS grant throughout their candidature
  5. Reports for previously awarded Graham Funding schemes must have been submitted.
  6. Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply.


  1. An abstract for the presentation must be included with the application. This may be in draft form, however must include correct Graham Centre affiliation
  2. Where the abstract has been accepted at time of application, please attach evidence. If the abstract hasn’t been accepted, evidence will be required prior to approval of travel.
  3. Applications may be approved with conditional funding if the abstract has not been submitted at the time of application, or if registrations are not yet open.
  4. Where applicable, a copy of the poster must be forwarded to the Graham Centre for approval
  5. Student Members must attach an email from their supervisor endorsing the application
  6. Awardees must make a presentation at the conference (i.e. keynote; oral presentation, panel discussion; poster)
  7. Ensure any previous reports related to any Graham Centre funding have been submitted prior to your application

Other information

  1. For Charles Sturt staff, all travel bookings must be made through CSU Travel.
  2. NSW DPI applicants should follow the appropriate process of approval and booking travel for their organisation.
  3. Privately arranged travel costs will not be reimbursed
  4. Within four weeks of attending the conference, successful applicants are required to submit a detailed report to the Centre. Where possible, please provide images suitable for use in promotions post-conference.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Conference is closely linked to the Centre's Research Pathways
  2. Order of priority for presentations is: keynote; oral presentation and/or panel discussion; poster
  3. Evidence indicating invitation to present or prior acceptance of abstract will be highly regarded
  4. The conference paper will be refereed
  5. Aims and expected outcomes are clearly defined and align strongly with the nominated Research Pathway
  6. All reports from previous funding have been received, and any conditions met
  7. Matching or supplementary funds from another funding source have been committed and evidence is provided, if applicable
  8. The applicant has added value to the Graham Centre following prior CSS awards or other funding support.
    e.g. through collaborations, publication, extended learning activities, presentations, etc.


T: 02 6933 4400   E:

Research Pathway Leaders

Plant Systems – Prof Jim Pratley T: (02) 6933 2862 E:
Livestock Systems – Assoc Prof Marta Hernandez-Jover T: (02) 6933 2086 E:
Grain and Meat Quality – Prof Chris Blanchard T: (02) 6933 2364