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Honours Scholarships


Graham Centre Honours Scholarships aim to encourage students to engage with research that aligns with Graham Centre Research Pathways by supporting high quality students undertaking a research project as part of an Honours year.

Important dates

Opening and closing dates for these scholarships are yet to be determined.

Please direct all enquiries to Maree Crowley (02) 6933 4399, or


  • For Honours projects accounting for at least 50% of the final year (32 or more subject points):
    • total value (up to) $5,000 ($3,000 tax-free stipend for the student and up to $2,000 operating funds to support the project).
  • For Honours projects accounting for less than 50% of the final year (less than 32 subject points):
    • total value of (up to) $1,000 (operating funds to support the project).


Who can apply?

  • Students who wish to study full-time Honours in agricultural and related fields, with a demonstrable link to Graham Centre Research Pathways.
  • Students eligible to enter the Charles Sturt University Honours program (usually Grade Point Average 5.00 or above over the previous two years).
    Note: any scholarship offer made under this scheme is contingent upon the student being accepted into the Honours program.
  • Students who do not have scholarship funding from an alternative source in the year of study.


Research projects

  • The project must align closely with one of the Graham Centre's Research Pathways
  • The application must show that the project has clearly defined aims achievable within the scope of an Honours degree
  • Suitable resources must be available within Charles Sturt and/or NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) to support the project.


  • At least one supervisor must be a Member of the Graham Centre  Applications that include members from both NSW DPI and Charles Sturt on the supervisory panel will be viewed favourably Applications that include members from both DPI and CSU on the supervisory panel will be viewed favourably
  • All supervisors must have a demonstrable track record of student supervision
  • Before submitting their application, students should discuss their proposal with their intended supervisor/s.

Other requirements

  • Offers may be made contingent on the student maintaining a suitable GPA
  • Scholarship holders may be asked to present a seminar at the end of the Honours program or at an appropriate time as determined by the student's supervisor/s or the Centre Director. The seminar is to be open to members of the Graham Centre to attend (and must be advertised accordingly)
  • All theses, presentations and papers arising from the research conducted as part of this scholarship must acknowledge the support of the Graham Centre
  • By applying the student agrees to all requirements of the Scholarship, including submitting a report at the end of the Scholarship.

Criteria for assessment

  • The student has a minimum of GPA 5.0 required to be accepted into the Charles Sturt Honours program, and intends to study full-time
  • The student has discussed their application with a supervisor who is also a Member of the Graham Centre
  • The nominated supervisor/s have the capacity and availability to oversee the Honours project
  • The student’s proposed research and stated aims align well with the nominated Research Pathway
  • Resources are available through Charles Sturt/NSW DPI to complete the project
  • The project is feasible within the timeframe and requirements of an Honours degree.


To complete the application, you will need information on your project, the resources required, and your supervisor/s

Apply for a Graham Centre Honours Scholarship

Forms for successful applicants
  1. Student Feedback form
  2. Supervisor Feedback form


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Research Pathway Leaders

Plant Systems – Professor Jim Pratley T: (02) 6933 2862 E:
Livestock Systems – Dr Shawn McGrath T: (02) 6933 2825 E:
Grain and Meat Quality – Professor Chris Blanchard T: (02) 6933 2364