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Member Support Grants


The aim of the Graham Centre Member Support Grants (MSG) is to stimulate increased research capacity by enhancing the Centre's research outcomes and outputs.

Important dates

PLEASE NOTE: This scheme is currently in recess - applications are not being taken at this time.

Funding categories

Member Support Grants are offered in three distinct categories:

Category 1 Member teaching support – for CSU staff to buy out teaching time, allowing more time to conduct research activities.

Category 2 Pilot project funding – to support members to undertake a pilot project collecting preliminary data in support of the submission of one or more external grant applications.

Category 3 Training – to undertake individual or group training activities that support members' research outcomes.


Category 1 Member teaching support – TBA

Category 2 Pilot project funding – TBA

Category 3 Training – TBA


Who can apply?

  1. Full and Associate Members of the Graham Centre who are academic staff of CSU OR employed in a research capacity with NSW DPI
  2. Adjuncts and Affiliates are not eligible to apply.
  3. Student members are not eligible to apply.


Category 1 Member teaching support: Applications should demonstrate how the support will deliver against the Centre’s strategic priority of building areas of research strength. This may include the appointment of casual academic staff for relief periods to undertake activities such as marking, demonstrating, etc.. All casual staff appointments must be made directly through the Graham Centre (with appropriate line manager endorsement). The application must show: the number of hours; the hourly rate; tasks to be undertaken by the casual; and the research activities to be undertaken by the applicant.

Category 2 Pilot project funding: Applications must clearly describe how the proposed activities differ from what is currently being done or has been done previously by the applicant and/or their team. Information should be provided to indicate future external grant applications, linkages and/or activities. The proposed external project must also clearly align with at least one of the Centre's Research Pathways.

Category 3 Training: Applications must demonstrate how the support will deliver outputs against the Centre’s strategic priority to build capacity in areas of research strength.

a) Members may make ONE application per category each year.

b) Applications must indicate alignment with the Centre's Research Pathways

c) Applications will be assessed by category.

d) Amounts requested should not exceed the applicable limits for each category (see above)

e) Applications must be submitted in the prescribed format and include supporting documentation, where applicable.

f) Ensure any previous reports related to any Graham Centre funding have been submitted prior to submitting this application.

g) Member Support Grants cannot be used for:

  • Conference attendance (see Conference Support Scheme)
  • Publishing fees (see Publication Costs Support)
  • Capital works
  • Assets and equipment >$3,000
  • Rental accommodation (other than hotel charges)
  • Entertainment (other than catering for training events)
  • Gifts
  • Costs directly associated with existing external projects
  • Leveraging of external project applications
  • Student stipends.
Other information
  1. A detailed budget using the template provided must be completed for each funding category and submitted with your application. Clear justification for the proposed expenditure must also be included in the application. Applicants will be expected to reconcile expenditure against this budget at the end of the funding year.
    Download the Budget Form
  2. All expenditure must be incurred by 30 November in the funding year to allow finalisation within Charles Sturt's financial year. No extensions of time or carry-over of funding into the following calendar year will be permitted.
  3. Funding provided by the Graham Centre must be acknowledged on all projects and research outputs assisted by these Grants.
  4. Successful applicants are expected to make a short presentation at a Graham Centre Morning Tea to share their research.
  5. Previous recipients of any Graham Centre grant who have not met the conditions of that grant will not be eligible for funding in the current round.

Criteria for assessment

Applications across each category will be assessed on:

  • aims and expected outcomes are clearly defined and align strongly with the nominated Research Pathway
  • demonstration of a clear strategy for developing and improving the applicant’s research capacity and/or capability
  • promotion of the development of functional research teams
  • all reports from previous funding have been received, and any conditions met
  • prior access to and activities within any previous successful applications for Graham Centre funding
  • value for money.


Member Support Grant Application Form

Guide to Application questions

Please download and complete a Budget form for each Category. You will be required to submit a budget with the Application Form.

Forms for successful applicants

Successful applicants are required to submit a detailed report to the Graham Centre by 10 January following the funding year. Your initial budget and actual expenditure will be emailed to you for reconciliation.

Member Support Grants - Report Form

Ensure you have booked a Graham Centre morning tea presentation. Email:


T: 02 6933 4400   E:

Research Pathway Leaders

Plant Systems – Prof Jim Pratley T: (02) 6933 2862 E:
Livestock Systems – Assoc Prof Marta Hernandez-Jover T: (02) 6933 2086 E:
Grain and Meat Quality – Prof Chris Blanchard T: (02) 6933 2364