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Research and education for rural development and food security to build resilient rural environments: Australian and Indian perspectives

In April 2015 a Symposium and Workshop were held in Delhi, India. The symposium and workshop demonstrated the benefits from collaboration, considered the issues, and in the workshop, commenced development of processes to overcome barriers as a step to establishing a virtual hub to advance mutual understanding and co­operation for rural development.

In doing so, the Symposium harnessed the knowledge and skills of participants from India and Australia who are leaders in their fields and are influential in research and its application in both the field and policy. It built new, and expanded current relationships between Australian and Indian researchers, practitioners, educators and farmers.

The symposium focused on the opportunities and benefits from collaboration across distances. In particular, it provided examples from current collaborative projects and activities to illustrate the exciting opportunities, and explore approaches to enhance those opportunities.

Key written papers from the Symposium are provided on this site.

View videos of presentations

Interview about the Virtual Hub for Rural Transformation

The symposium papers have been organised into the following three themes:

  1. Existing collaboration activities and approaches.
  2. Building knowledge together – farmers, practitioners and academics as co-researchers.
  3. The potential of collaboration – benefits issues and challenges – building a new future in collaboration and communication.

View outcomes from the Workshop.

The symposium and workshop were supported by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Australia-India Council (AIC) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the project "Advancing Mutual Understanding and Cooperation for Rural Development".

Symposium Proceedings

To view papers presented at the Symposium, please click on the links below.

Theme 3: The potential of collaboration – benefits, issues and challenges: building a new future in collaboration and communication

Presentation TitlePresenter
1 Development, inequality and climate change [PDF]Colin Butler
2 Promoting food, nutrition and livelihood security for the rural poor through a process of dialogue and action reflection [PDF]Ardhendu Chatterjee


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