Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Conference Aims

Focused on transformation in its broadest sense, the conference harnesses knowledge from all involved with rural development. Increasingly,  research 'co-produced' with community partners is seen as an effective means of ensuring research impact, bringing benefits for community, researchers, practitioners and policy makers alike. Examples across countries demonstrate not just its viability and benefits but also the challenges faced in the process.  Perhaps these challenges have the potential to build the theory and practice of such an approach to develop new thinking around change and transformation.

The conference will generate new knowledge through and about collaboration. It will bring together seeming polarities to a meaningful dialogue such as theory and practice, knowledge and action, research and intervention, field work and rural immersion, data collection and collective formation, and learning and transformative social praxis. In particular, the symposium will focus on the learnings from experience and various instances of actioning the idea of collaboration and co-production.

The conference is for people active or interested in this dialogue including: students, researchers, practitioners, academics, civil society organisations, administrative officers, and policy makers.