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Tuesday-Wednesday (19-20 April 2016)

The workshops will run from 9am - 1pm on Tuesday 19 April 2016. The workshops will have two key elements:

  1. An introduction to the Virtual Hub, the development of the platform and some of the tools available. This area is very much a work in progress and the workshop will highlight the opportunities, while enabling you to also contribute to its further development.
  2. Processes and opportunities in the development of research within the Virtual Hub. In particular, evaluation of the nature of research, and the relationships between research and practice. This area will include:
    1. Views of research from different perspectives (i.e. practitioner, researcher and practitioner researcher)
    2. Nature, collection, storage, analysis and reporting of data
    3. Special issues of data in the Virtual Hub including confidentiality, ownership and attribution.

The workshops will be for all interested in rural development whatever their background and skill level.

The symposium will involve a keynote address from Dr Duncan Green, Head of Research, Oxfam, Great Britain and presentations by other contributors with an opportunity to engage in conversation with your colleagues. More information including the program of speakers and topics will be available on the website soon.

Thursday (21 April 2016)

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to the intellectual and practical development of the Virtual Hub for Rural Development. The Virtual Hub relies on your participation so please make the time to attend and contribute to this vital workshop.

Friday (22 April 2016)

This symposium will be held at the Centre for Development Practice, Ambedkar University, Delhi, to discuss and reflect on the emerging practice of development in rural areas. We hope to facilitate a dialogue between theories and practices to foster synergistic collaboration across people involved in rural transformation.

Please note: If your circumstances change after you have registered and you are no longer able to attend TRD2016, please advise the organising committee by sending an email to as places for the conference are limited and we have a number of people on a waiting list to attend.