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Capacity Building Workshops

The pre-symposium workshops will be held on the morning of 19 April 2016. The workshops will use a collaborative approach to build protocols and processes with the assistance of resource persons.

The aim of the workshops is to develop our capacity to work with the virtual Hhub. In doing so they will focus on various areas and how the technology available can be used to improve our communication. Areas to be explored include developing and communicating narratives, identifying human/group processes that may limit the ability to develop and navigate the Hub, and processes to develop, manage and report on projects.

Workshop 1:

  • Tools, techniques and processes for communication
  • Techniques and processes to communicate in the virtual space
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Examples of current activities in that space (for example, Gram Vaani)

Workshop 2: Narratives

  • What can a narrative be?
  • Capturing and communicating a narrative in the virtual space (written, spoken)
  • Building a shared narrative

Workshop 3: Data and analysis in the virtual space

  • Data collection, appropriate attribution, citation and validation
  • Cross referencing across data forms
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Workshop 4: Developing, managing and reporting a project in the Virtual Hub

  • In this case we are taking any activity in the Hub to be a project  
  • Defining the project including who builds the research question or issue to be addressed
  • Tools for communication in a project
  • Project planning
  • Monitoring activities, progress, outputs and outcomes