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Types of Membership

The Centre has four categories of membership:

  • Graham Centre Office.Full members - Researchers who are actively engaged in research aligned with the Centre's Research Pathways and who meet the criteria in section 3.1 of the Membership Policy.
  • Associate members - Researchers and research support personnel engaged in research aligned with the Centre's Research Pathways who do not meet the criteria in section 3.1 but meet the criteria in section 3.2 of the Membership Policy.
  • Student members - HDR candidates enrolled at CSU who meet the criteria in section 3.3 of the Membership Policy.
  • Affiliates - Individuals who do not meet the criteria for full, associate or student membership but meet the criteria in section 3.4 of the Membership Policy and wish to maintain a relationship with the Centre for an appropriate purpose.  Examples might include retired researchers, consultants and others from the industry who have an active interest in the Centre's activities.  N.B.: Personnel visiting the Centre under CSU's Visiting Appointments Policy are automatically granted affiliate status for the duration of their appointment.

Member Benefits

Benefit Full Member Associate Member Student MemberAffiliate
Leverage support TickTick  
Access to the Centre's Internal Grants Scheme TickTickTickTick 
Office space (subject to availability) Tick  Tick  TickTick
Administrative support for grant applications and project management TickTick  
Promotion to external stakeholders* TickTickTickTick
Access to the benefits of collaboration**TickTickTickTick

* Centre website, Quarterly newsletter (the Innovator), media releases, events sponsorship, seminars, workshops, conferences, field site, Ag Enrichment Day, technical forums and agribusiness training, monographs, tech bulletins and factsheets, internal updates (e.g. emails, members' newsletter, Centre meetings)

** Shared facilities, enhanced reputation, strong international links, improved access to information and infrastructure, team membership and capacity building, training and professional development

Application Process

  1. Membership Process Flowchart - Click to EnlargeRead the Membership Policy to check your eligibility and ensure you are familiar with the application and review process and the conditions of membership.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Include any relevant supporting documentation with your application.

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