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Natural habitat can help farmers control pests, but not always a win-win

Monday, 30 Jul 2018

CSU ecologists have contributed to a global study of the impact of natural habitat around... Read More

CSU 3MT winner asks if White Rice is Naughty or Nice?

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018

Is white rice is naughty or nice? This question captured the judges’ attention and earned... Read More

CSU researcher: Can coloured rice help people with obesity?

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Volunteers are needed for research at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga into the... Read More

CSU named one of top emerging engineering schools in world

Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

A report commissioned by global leader in engineering education and research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology... Read More

CSU Research: Fatal impact of toxic weeds on kangaroos

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018

CSU research has shown the harmful effects of a toxic weed on kangaroos, prompting calls... Read More

Why people choose gluten-free

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018

Gluten-free. Two words that have become common on menu boards around the country and Charles... Read More

It’s a ‘mile a minute’ for international scientist at CSU

Friday, 9 Mar 2018

A Canadian scientist has travelled thousands of miles to tap into CSU expertise as part... Read More

Panic spreads

Monday, 26 Feb 2018

Research at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation aims to develop a more accurate method... Read More

Pulse product innovation

Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Imagine sitting down to breakfast and pouring ice cold milk on your bowl of chickpeas?... Read More

CSU students win silver in global Spartans challenge

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018

A CSU student team has reached the podium in competing in the 2017 international Internet... Read More

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