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Young Farmer of the Year title goes to CSU student

Monday, 14 Sep 2015

CSU student Ms Anika Molesworth has been named 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, but... Read More

Polish scientist studies pest management in Australian crops

Friday, 11 Sep 2015

It might be on the other side of the world from his native Poland but... Read More

Research students find rare parasite

Tuesday, 8 Sep 2015

It can grow up to 14 centimetres long, has hooked claws and CSU researchers have... Read More

Spotlight on Motor Neurone Disease research

Thursday, 20 Aug 2015

Cutting edge research using stem cells is underway at CSU to better understand and help... Read More

Sharing research knowledge with China

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015

A CSU researcher is working with colleagues in China as part of the push to... Read More

New Director for Graham Centre

Monday, 27 Jul 2015

A specialist in livestock production has been named as the new Director of the Graham... Read More

Olives and the Alzheimer’s brain

Thursday, 25 Jun 2015

Research at CSU is examining the potential benefits of olive fruit and leaf compounds in... Read More

Free range eggs: more than size of the range

Monday, 15 Jun 2015

CSU expert in poultry behaviour and welfare Dr Raf Freire is calling for the new... Read More

CSU students win merino challenge

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

CSU students have been named winners at the National Merino Challenge for the second successive... Read More

Opportunities for rural development in Australia and India

Monday, 13 Apr 2015

A new project building long term education and research relationships between Australia and India aims... Read More

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