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School students get a taste of agricultural science

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

High school students from across the Riverina will gain an insight into the work of... Read More

CSU experts tackle live export issue

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

ABC's Four Corners program on Monday 30 May showed Australian cattle being subjected to inhumane... Read More

The perennial possibilities of wheat

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

The opportunities in Australia for growing perennial wheat are being investigated by Charles Sturt University... Read More

Community adaption to changed climate

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

The capacity of rural communities to cope with changed climate conditions will be discussed at... Read More

Research into calf scours

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

Charles Sturt University (CSU) researchers are asking beef producers to help them find out more... Read More

Pros and cons of genetically modified crops

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

As part of its mission to develop productive and efficient agricultural systems, the EH Graham... Read More

Herbicide resistance spreads in southern NSW

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

Annual ryegrass with herbicide resistance is now common in southern NSW, according to collaborative research... Read More

Outwitting one of agriculture's worst weeds

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

The summer perennial weed Silverleaf Nightshade is estimated to cost agriculture millions of dollars every... Read More

What you need to know about tapeworm

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

If the thought of a 25 metre tapeworm is enough to make you squirm then... Read More

Close encounter of the remote kind

Saturday, 8 Jul 2000

The world's first clear sequence of images taken of a "near miss" space rock that... Read More

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