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Charles Sturt to showcase innovative farming at Henty Machinery Field Days

Thursday, 12 Sep 2019

Charles Sturt to welcome students, staff and alumni at series of hay bale talks at... Read More

Researchers on cusp of success as they await the birth of 6000 baby dung beetles

Friday, 6 Sep 2019

The five-year project will ultimately see the introduction of three new dung beetle species, specifically... Read More

Charles Sturt PhD student's survey aimed at boosting lamb survival rate

Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

The 15-minute survey is targeted at sheep producers in NSW and aims to improve the... Read More

Raise a toast to Baijiu and Charles Sturt’s research to grow sorghum markets

Thursday, 8 Aug 2019

Charles Sturt is researching if Australian-grown sorghum can be used in the production of a... Read More

Charles Sturt University supports Agribusiness Today forum

Tuesday, 6 Aug 2019

Charles Sturt University joins other organisations in support of the Agribusiness Today forum that will... Read More

Beef producers needed to complete researcher’s survey about parasites

Monday, 5 Aug 2019

The research aims to understand producer knowledge of and attitudes towards parasites in cattle.... Read More

Charles Sturt research vital for national soil improvement

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Charles Sturt University is playing a leading role in research to protect and enhance agricultural... Read More

Charles Sturt research examines pre-feedlot vaccination and cattle weight loss

Monday, 15 Jul 2019

New research by Charles Sturt University has scotched fears that pre-feedlot vaccination of steers is... Read More

Charles Sturt research: debunking the myth about wheat breeding and allergies

Monday, 24 Jun 2019

New research has debunked the myth that all early varieties of wheat were less allergenic... Read More

AgriTech pitch night for new Riverina business startups

Thursday, 13 Jun 2019

Eight emerging entrepreneurs from across the Riverina will test their business ideas on an enthusiastic... Read More

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