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Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Can Eucalyptus help in the fight against herbicide resistance?

11 September 2015

The Graham Centre is pleased to welcome Dr Yuanjiao Feng from the College of Agriculture, South China Agricultural University (SCAU). Dr Feng will spend one year between August 2015 and August 2016 at the Centre, investigating the biological activities of natural compounds under the supervision of Dr Hanwen Wu (Senior Research Scientist, NSW Department of Primary Industries). Her previous research focused on the degradation of Bt toxin from transgenic Bt corn and its ecological effects on soil chemical and biological properties, and the effects of introduced Bt gene on the induced chemical defense responses in corn. Dr Feng lectures in Agroecology, General Ecology and Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development for undergraduate students, and Ecological Experimental Methodology, Literature Review and Scientific Writing for postgraduate students. Dr Feng currently supervises a number of postgraduate students at SCAU, investigating the effects of exogenous jasmonic acid and salicylic acid on the chemical defense in Bt corn.

Her visit to Australia is supported by the China Scholarship Council. Dr Feng will work closely with Dr Wu to explore Australian native Eucalyptus for its novel bioactive compounds against herbicide resistance. This project involves the biological screening of about 300 Eucalyptus species, the separation and identification of bioactive compounds from eucalyptus essential oils and the mode of actions study using modern molecular technology.

Findings from Dr Feng's research will be published in scientific journals and her visit will facilitate further international collaboration with South China Agricultural University.