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Celebrating our 2015 Graduates
Congratulations to the following Graham Centre students who graduated this week.

Academic leadership and contributions recognised
Congratulations to Graham Centre members Dr Allan Gunn and Dr Cyril Perumanthadathil, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, who have been successful in their application for promotion to Senior Lecturer during 2015.

Celebrating achievements for 2015
The Graham Centre celebrated it’s successes and achievements for 2015 at its End of Year Celebration evening on 1 December.

Building international partnerships in ‘omics’ research
Prof Leslie Weston and Dr Xiaocheng Zhu recently visited Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China, to attend the Asian Allelopathy Society Meeting.

$150,000 of scholarship funds on offer
The Graham Centre continues to provide financial support for students, with over $150,000 available through a range of scholarships.

Selecting for increased water soluble carbohydrate concentration in wheat
Water soluble carbohydrate concentration in stem bases has been shown to contribute to stability of grain yield of wheat under terminal water deficit.

Optimising weed management in conservation agriculture in south-Asia using lessons learnt from Australia
Weeds programs in RDE&T in Australia have intensified to reduce the spread of herbicide resistance (HR) and integrate cost-effective and non-chemical (cultural and physical) options with herbicides for weed management.

Can we grow tastier Aussie lamb?
In the quest to serve the tastiest lamb chops and roasts, a meat quality trial run by the Graham Centre, a partnership between the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Charles Sturt University (CSU) has taken lamb to the ultimate test – on the plate.

Can Eucalyptus help in the fight against herbicide resistance?
Dr Feng, South China Agricultural University is working with Dr Hanwen Wu for the coming year researching Australian native Euclayptus for its novel bioactive compounds against herbicide resistance.

Industry research in the spotlight
Research focussing on pasture mixes, legumes for high rainfall zones, crop sequences, and weed and disease management will be the focus of this year’s Graham Centre Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum.

What makes a profitable beef enterprise?
The most profitable beef producers get pasture utilisation and animal health right as a first priority.

Canola research on show
A number of Graham Centre members and students recently travelled to Saskatoon, Canada to attend the International Rapeseed Congress (IRC), held on 5-9 July.

Running a profitable sheep enterprise
One hundred and twenty producers and industry representatives from across the region gathered at CSU on Friday 10 July for the Graham Centre's annual Sheep Forum.

Forum to showcase key drivers for profitable sheep enterprises
Sheep producers and industry will gather on Friday 10 July to hear from some of the best in the industry at the annual Graham Centre Sheep Forum.

Biosecurity of the ovine persuasion
Producers have an important role to play in protecting their property, region and livestock industry from biosecurity threats.

Endeavour fellowship boosts entomology bioprotection research
Dr Jakub Baranek is working with Professor Gavin Ash and his team at CSU, Wagga for the coming five months as part of his 2015 Endeavour Research Fellowship. Dr Baranek is from the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

Visiting scientists bolster international links
Two visiting scientists will work closely with Graham Centre member and NSW Department of Primary Industries researcher Dr De Li Lu over the next 12 months.

Strategic groundwater research partnership
A new strategic partnership between the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) and the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has been struck.

Farewell Professor Deirdre Lemerle
On Friday 15 May, Professor Deirdre Lemerle celebrated her retirement with work colleagues, friends and family.

Diet to boost red meat health benefits
Researchers have identified new livestock feed management options that may boost levels of omega-3 fatty acids in Australian red meat to benefit human and livestock health.

Michael Friend takes the helm at Graham Centre
Associate Professor Michael Friend has taken on the top job as Acting Director, Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation after Professor Deirdre Lemerle retired from the position on Wednesday 25 March.

Farewell for Graham Centre Director
Charles Sturt University (CSU) weed scientist and a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, Professor Deirdre Lemerle is retiring as Director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Can planting a tight crop improve weed control?
Given the significant up-front cost of buying good quality seed it is tempting to cut back on seeding rates to minimise costs.

New treatment hope for ryegrass staggers
Perennial ryegrass toxicoses (PRGT), or ryegrass staggers, is an ongoing and costly problem for Australian producers in the form of lost production and increased livestock mortality.

Research centre for healthy, high-value grains
A new research centre aims to change the Australian grain industry's focus from commodities to the production of high quality food for international markets.

Fostering relationships with industry
Professor Alan Curtis, Graham Centre member, Charles Sturt University, Albury has been appointed to the newly formed Local Community Advisory Group with Murray Local Land Services.

2015 Rural Achievers named
Congratulations to Graham Centre 2014 Intern Rowan Alden on her selection as one of eight Royal Agricultural Society Rural Acheivers for 2015.

Can diet influence sex of the lambs?
Charles Sturt University (CSU) research showing there may be a link between the diet of ewes and the sex of their offspring could help sheep producers boost profits.

Search for healthy answers in canola meal
The potential benefits to human health of canola meal extracts in the treatment of cancer and obesity are being explored by CSU research student, Ms Saira Hussain.

Academic promotions
Congratulations to the following Charles Sturt University Graham Centre members who have been successful in their application for promotion during 2014.