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Graham Centre student shines at ASAP workshop

Mr Shoaib Tufail was awarded the Best Late Stage Oral presentation award at the ASAP Student Workshop

5 February 2016

The Southern NSW Branch of the Australian Society of Animal production (ASAP) organised a post-graduate student workshop on 2-3 February, 2016 at the University of Sydney, Camden NSW.

Through a series of interactive sessions, students learnt about the importance of research, problems encountered and how to overcome and manage these problems, and developing better working relationships.         

Dr Russell Bush, President ASAP Southern NSW Branch presented the award for Best late stage oral presentation to Shoaib Tufail, Graham Centre, Charles Sturt University (CSU).

In his research, Mr Tufail compared three different seed sources (farmer, market and research-station seeds) of Berseem clover on local smallholder farms of Pakistan. He found the seed of the new improved variety of Berseem clover (Agaitti Berseem-2002) from the Fodder Research Institute (FRI) increased green forage (39 %), dry matter (46 %) and seed yields (102 %) when compared to local farmer seed (>75 % farmers used). The improved variety seed also produced 3 % more crude protein, 2.5 % more dry matter digestibility and 10 % more water soluble carbohydrates than local varieties. These results were recorded from participatory research and experimental trials conducted on smallholder farmer fields (eight farmers) in four villages across the districts of Kasur and Okara, Punjab, Pakistan during the 2012-2014 growing seasons.