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Acknowledging the importance of farmers’ perspectives
Dr William Kerua travelled from Papua New Guinea (PNG) to attend his graduation ceremony at CSU in Wagga Wagga.

Rams DO use their brains for reproduction
CSU PhD graduate Dr Jessica Rose examined the potential of two recently discovered hormones in the brain that are involved in reproduction in merino rams.

Understanding olive leaf extract
Research by a PhD graduate from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has identified the best conditions for harvesting and processing Australian olive leaves to maximise the yield of beneficial compounds called biophenols.

PhD explores biocontrol of the nematode
Root-lesion nematodes are a costly problem for the Australian grains industry and research through the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has shone new light on biological control of the pests.

Paterson’s curse the focus of PhD
Graham Centre member Dr Dominik Skoneczny has been awarded one of the highest honours the University Council can confer on a graduate, capping off a ‘round the world’ research experience.

Research pays off for Graham Centre graduates
Years of study and research will come to fruition when 11 students from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation are awarded their PhDs by CSU on Tuesday 12 December.

Testing ryegrass for herbicide resistance
CSU PhD graduate Dr Aaron Preston’s research is set to help grain growers control annual ryegrass, with a faster testing method for herbicide resistance.

Research to improve health of lambing ewes
Graham Centre research has added to our understanding of how adding vitamin D and calcium to the diets of pregnant ewes can reduce production losses.

PhD reveals the ‘good oil’ when it comes to canola oil
The potential to maximise the bioactive compounds in canola oil to deliver health benefits to consumers has been explored in CSU PhD research.

Carbon storage in soil
Sequestering carbon in soil has been identified as a strategy to mitigate climate change and CSU graduate Dr Susan Orgill’s PhD has examined the factors affecting the storage potential of agricultural soils.

The search for sustainable vegetable oil
Research by CSU PhD graduate, Dr Kyle Reynolds, may lead to the development of a new, more sustainable source of vegetable oil production - using genetic engineering.

PhD shows promise of perennial wheat
The potential for perennial wheat as an option for mixed farming enterprises has been demonstrated by CSU PhD graduate Dr Jesmin Aktar

Sialic acid- porcine milk, pig production and human health
CSU student and Graham Centre member Dr Marefa Jahan’s PhD focused on sialic acids, a type of sugar molecule that is found in relatively high concentrations in porcine milk.

AgriTech Incubator gathers momentum

EU extends the life of glyphosate
The European Union has voted to extend the licence of the herbicide Glyphosate for five-years. CSU Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley writes about the implications for Australian agriculture.

Research to improve pig production
Sows with more milk and faster growing piglets are some of the benefits seen in CSU research investigating supplementing the diets of young pregnant pigs with a macro-nutrient found in milk.

Showcase opportunities in agriculture
As we celebrate National Agriculture Day on Tuesday 21 November Charles Sturt University (CSU) Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley, from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation writes it’s time for the sector to blow its own trumpet.

Agriculture beyond the farm gate
As we celebrate Australian agriculture on Tuesday 21 November #AgDay, Director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Professor Michael Friend writes about the value of the sector beyond the farm gate and the important role of research across the value chain.

Adding to the toolkit to control fruit fly
The Graham Centre is supporting NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research into biological control agents to better manage the biosecurity pest, Queensland fruit fly.

Internships give insight into beef genetics
A partnership between Angus Australia and the Graham Centre is set to to give two CSU students an insight into beef genetics research

Internship shows research from lab to field
A new appreciation of how research in the field is applied in the laboratory is how CSU student Mr Gabe Brown sums up his recent internship with the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Research to boost the immune systems of calves
Boosting the immune systems of calves before they’re even born is the focus of new research by Dr Angel Abuelo.

Internship showcases research opportunities
An internship at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has shown CSU veterinary science student Ms Dione Howard the potential of research as a career path.

Building capacity of rural women
Sunday 15 October is International Day of Rural Women and we're reflecting on the important role of women in agriculture and rural communities in Australia and overseas.

Researchers raise awareness of thrombosis
Researchers from the Functional Grains Centre have put the kettle on to raise awareness of Thrombosis, a health condition that claims one in four lives worldwide.

Food scientist appointed to GRDC Board
A CSU scientist with a passion for innovation to develop new products and markets for grain growers has been appointed to the Board of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Beef put to the taste test
It’s not five star dining but Graham Centre scientists are calling on people to put their taste buds to work for research into beef eating quality.

New perspective on rice research and production
A training program in the Philippines has given Functional Grains Centre (FGC) PhD student Ms Shiwangni Rao new perspectives on rice production and research.

Online survey for sheep producers
There’s a call for sheep producers to take part in a survey as part of research to better understand and improve animal health and biosecurity practices.

CSU team primed for crop competition
From seed identification and pulse diseases to working out the gross margin of a hypothetical farming scenario, Charles Sturt University (CSU) students will be put to the test this week at the Australian Universities Crops Competition (AUCC17). The team is supported by the Graham Centre.

Mentoring program to foster young scientists
Charles Sturt University (CSU) PhD students from the Functional Grains Centre have taken a break from their own research to mentor primary school students from Wagga Wagga in a science education program.

Ag student on learning journey from France to Wagga Wagga
The desire to learn more about research to combat herbicide resistance has brought a French agricultural student to Wagga Wagga to tap into the expertise of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Competitive crops to beat the weeds
New research through the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation into the genetic traits that make some varieties of wheat and barley better at out-competing the weeds will be outlined at a field walk on Tuesday 12 September.

Fellowship to examine new ways to process data from metabolomics studies
The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has announced almost $500 000 in fellowships to support the research of its members. Researcher Dr Paul Weston has been awarded a Fellowship to further his work in metabolomics studies.

Crawford Fund Conference: big data, food security and networking
Graham Centre members have a new appreciation of the potential for the digital revolution to aid in research to boost global food security after attending the Crawford Fund’s annual conference earlier this month.

Science crucial to agricultural innovation
Paddock to the plate, National Science Week is an opportunity to reflect on the role that science plays in agriculture writes Acting Director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation Dr Marta Hernandez-Jover.

Chemical clues to Paterson’s curse invasion
Comparing Paterson’s curse plants from Australia with those found in Spain and Portugal has given researchers from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation new understanding of why the weed is such a successful invader.

Science and art collide to explore parasites and health
The mere thought of head lice or roundworm can be enough to make you scratch but its hoped a painting on display in Wagga Wagga will encourage people to look at parasites in a different light. Graham Centre researcher Associate Professor Shokoofeh Shamsi has been involved in bringing the painting Gula Guri mayin to the Wagga Wagga City Library.

Looking at root nodules on legumes for productive pastures
Graham Centre research examining what's going on underneath the surface of clovers, medics, lucerne and newer legumes such as biserrula and serradella has been presented at the Grassland Society of NSW annual conference.

Beef industry research on show
The outlook for the beef industry, technology, quality assurance and new research will be on show when the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation hosts a forum on Friday 4 August.

PhD students shine at Three Minute Thesis
Graham Centre PhD research students have excelled in the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Three-Minute Thesis competition (3MT).

Awareness and management of zoonotic diseases in Pakistan
Research by Graham Centre PhD student Ms Shumaila Arif aims to raise awareness of diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, to improve the health of farmers in Pakistan.

Inspiring students to consider agricultural science career
From mapping cuts of meat on a cow to checking out rice in the laboratory, high school students will get some hands-on experience at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation this month.

FGC shows visiting student the value of research
Spending four months in the laboratory at the Functional Grains Centre has convinced Belgium university student, Ms Louize Brants that research is the career for her.

CSU scientist brings world parasite experts together
Graham Centre parasite taxonomist, Associate Professor Shokoofeh Shamsi recently ran a workshop at the the Flanders Marine Institute – home of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) in Belgium.

Participants sought for study into coloured rice health benefits
The potential health benefits of coloured rice is the subject of new research at the Functional Grains Centre at CSU in Wagga Wagga.

Clowning around in Laos
Clowns, magic and agricultural research have come together in a traveling roadshow in southern Laos. Graham Centre researchers Dr Camilla Vote and Dr Tamara Jackson have been involved in the project designed to teach young people about diversified and integrated farming systems.

Wool eChallenge for tech savy researchers
Graham Centre members and Charles Sturt University (CSU) students are being encouraged to take part in a competition to develop practical, low-cost digital tools to help wool producers improve animal health, welfare and productivity.

Argentinian beef producers visit Graham Centre
Argentinian beef producers have heard about research into biosecurity, cattle nutrition and pastures during a visit to the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Sowing canola to optimise weed management
There are some simple steps farmers can take when sowing canola to optimise weed management, according to researchers from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Recognition for agricultural research
Congratulations to Graham Centre PhD student Lucy Watt who recently received an Australia Day Award.

CSU clean sweep at crop comp
Charles Sturt University (CSU) agricultural science students have claimed top honours at the Australian Universities Crops Competition (AUCC). The Graham Centre is proud to support the team.