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Ag student on learning journey from France to Wagga Wagga

The desire to learn more about research to combat herbicide resistance has brought a French agricultural student to Wagga Wagga to tap into the expertise of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Mr Baptiste Madec and Dr John BrosterMr Baptiste Madec is studying agriculture at the Ecole Superieure d 'Agricultures University and is an apprentice at the AGRIAL farmer cooperative in north-west France.

He's been working with Dr John Broster from Charles Sturt University's (CSU) School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences as part of a student internship.

"Australia has one of the highest incidences of herbicide resistance and is a world-leader in developing strategies to combat the growing problem. So I am very pleased to be able to come here to learn and it has been very interesting," Mr Madec said.

"I have enjoyed living and working in Wagga Wagga in regional NSW. One of the highlights has been visiting the broad-acre farms of the Riverina.

"I was surprised to see how flat the landscape is, how large the farms are and how dry. You can certainly see the difference that irrigation makes to the landscape and to agricultural production.

"This experience will allow me to go back to France with a global perspective on agriculture, at home and here in Australia."

The Graham Centre's herbicide resistance research conducts random paddock surveys to determine the level of herbicide resistance to commonly used herbicides.

Other projects are examining non-chemical weed control in mixed farming systems, including allelopathy and weed suppressive crops. Read more here.