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PhD reveals the ‘good oil’ when it comes to canola oil

The potential to maximise the bioactive compounds in canola oil to deliver health benefits to consumers has been explored in Charles Sturt University (CSU) PhD research.

Dr Clare Flakelar (centre) and her supervisorsDr Clare Flakelar will be awarded her PhD on Tuesday 12 December for her research examining the impact of agronomic practices, processing and storage on fat-soluble, bioactive compounds found in crude canola oil.

"Many bioactive components in canola oil possess beneficial health effects," Dr Flakelar said.

"But many of these bioactives, such as the fat-soluble carotenoids, tocopherols and phytosterols, have been reported to be reduced or eliminated entirely during commercial oil production.

"My research investigated the behaviour and influence of certain factors on these bioactive components, primarily the effects of seed variety, current processing from seed to oil, and the storage of seed and oil.

"The results suggest great potential for production of a healthful oil, with benefits to breeders, growers, oilseed producers and consumers."

Dr Flakelar's PhD research was funded by a Graham Centre University Research Scholarship and a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Grains Industry Research Scholarship.