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National science week profile: Dr Adam Frew

It’s National Science Week, with the theme ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’.

At the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation our research is focused on improving the sustainability and profitability of grain and red meat industries- changing the game for farmers and stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Dr Adam FrewOne of our ‘Change Makers’ is Dr Adam Frew from the Charles Sturt University (CSU) School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences who’s research aims to help producers better manage agricultural pests.

I am a scientist who researches how plants interact with insects. I investigate how and why some plants are more or less resistant to insect herbivores.

My interest in science began when I was in high-school, I really enjoyed physics, chemistry and biology. I studied biological sciences at university and ended up doing my PhD in plant-insect ecology.

I love being a scientific researcher because I get to ask questions about the natural world, and try to figure out a way to answer them.

It is never boring and each day can be different. Some days I am carrying out an experiment in the glasshouse or in the field, other days I am in the lab or in the office.

I am always learning new things and acquiring new skills, and I work with people from all over the world.

My research is even more rewarding when my findings can impact industry, for example to inform pest management strategies in agriculture.