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National science week profile: Thomas Williams

It’s National Science Week celebrating ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’.

Thomas WilliamsCharles Sturt University (CSU) PhD student Thomas Williams is a young scientist who is determined to make a change, not just for Australian farmers but for those in less-developed countries.

His PhD research through the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has focused on parasites and livestock, specifically buffalo production in Australia and Pakistan. He is also a member of Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID).

Science is the driver for everything we do, and it’s our best weapon in life. Every real problem humanity has faced has been tackled by scientists. Some have been solved, some we’re still working on.

Food security is becoming an increasing area of concern, and I find it exciting that every day I get to come to the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation and be involved in research that aims to improve agricultural production.

I was driven to science by an interest in agriculture during high school. The applied science found in agriculture sparked my interest and led me to taking science-based classes through my senior years. I chose to study animal science at university, and have enjoyed every minute of it. While I’m just about ready to stop studying and start working, it’s been an excellent learning experience with many opportunities.

Although I was fortunate to find science early in life, I want to stress that many of my colleagues today didn’t have the same scientific or agricultural background as me. While it may be helpful, any determined person with an interest in science, whether found late or early in life, can succeed.