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PhD caps off a long list of achievements for international student
Coming from Iran to study at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga has seen Dr Forough Ataollahi complete her PhD, become an advocate for other international students and a mentor for high school students.

Graduation: Potential therapeutic benefits from mint
Mint is often associated with fresh breath or as a tasty herb to serve with lamb but the potential for extracts from this plant to offer a neuroprotective benefit for Alzheimer’s disease has been examined by a Charles Sturt University PhD Graduate.

Win: Win for rice growers as research shows water saving can boost quality
PhD research has found rice grain quality is improved when the crop is grown using water saving methods, increasing profit per megalitre.

Charles Sturt research: Dorper v Merino
The Dorper breed of meat sheep is prized for its ability to put on weight in poorer pasture conditions and Charles Sturt University PhD graduate Dr Susan Street’s research has put this to the test.

Australian grown cereals, antioxidant activity and inhibiting cancer
Charles Sturt University graduate Dr Shiwangni Rao has been awarded her PhD for research that’s found where grain is grown can impact on the bioactive compounds in the bran, with potential implications for the health benefits of what we eat.

Graduation: Understanding how wheat and canola can out-compete the weeds
Research by Charles Sturt University PhD graduate Dr James Mwendwa has found early crop vigour and biomass accumulation are important traits in canola and wheat cultivars when it comes to suppressing weed growth.

Graduation a celebration of research to further agriculture
Growing up on a farm at Matong NSW, Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) graduate Mr Nathan Hatty has seen plenty of grain harvests, but for the last year he’s been studying the stubble left behind.

Graduation a celebration of research to further agriculture
The Graham Centre will celebrate the achievements of Charles Sturt University graduates whose research is set to improve agricultural production and support the development of functional foods.

Acid soils in the limelight
Soil acidity is an environmental and economic concern in Australian farming systems with negative impacts on soil fertility, biological activity and the productivity of crops and pastures. In this article for World Soil Day, Dr Jason Condon reflects on the work of Honours students like Anne-Maree Farley (pictured)

National Agriculture Day celebration highlights research and innovation
Three local organisations who drive agricultural innovation will join forces on National Agriculture Day to recognise the contribution of our farmers and the role of research to tell the great story that is Australian farming.

Internship opens doors to Honours research
Charles Sturt Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) student Nathan Hatty is in the final stages of his research, and has a career working in primary industries in his sights. His research is supported by the Graham Centre.

Hard seeded legumes field days
Field Days will be held across the south west slopes of NSW examining hard seeded legumes.

Internship builds passion for beef research
Charles Sturt University student Miss Rebecca Dean has long had a passion for the beef industry but the Graham Centre Angus Australia internship program has opened her eyes to the commercial relevance of genetics research.

New book charts course of Australian farming systems
A new book which explores the evolution of Australian farming systems over the past 30 years will be launched at the 19th Australian Agronomy Conference. The e-book, Australian Agriculture in 2020: From Conservation to Automation, has been edited by Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley and Dr John Kirkegaard.

Graham Centre member recognised with prestigious CM Donald Medal
A bold and outspoken advocate for agronomy and for rigorous field studies relevant to farmers, Dr John Angus, has been awarded the CM Donald Medal by the Agronomy Society of Australia.

Forum shines light on research to benefit livestock producers
Livestock producers have tapped into new research to improve productivity, profitability and animal welfare on their farms at the Graham Centre Livestock Forum. More than 180 producers attended the Forum in Wagga Wagga on Friday 26 July.

Bringing back sheep pays off for Riverina farmer
Re-introducing sheep to his mixed-farming enterprise was a daunting prospect for Murray Scholz but the decision has reduced risk, increased profits and created unexpected opportunities. He'll present the keynote address at the Graham Centre Livestock Forum.

Graham Centre research : Improving the health of dairy calves
Research from the Graham Centre has identified opportunities to improve the health and productivity of Australian dairy calves.

New research and market updates at Livestock Forum
New research and market insights to help sheep and beef producers to boost their bottom-line is the focus of a forum being hosted by the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation on Friday 26 July.

Clock ticks for Graham Centre PhD students in 3MT
PhD research takes years of dedication with countless hours in the laboratory, out in the field or poring over data, but for three Graham Centre students there are just three minutes on the clock. Michelle Williams, James Lee and Md. Shafaet Hossen have earned a place in the final of the Charles Sturt 3 MT competition.

Inspiring the next gen of ag scientists
High school students now have a greater understanding of our research in biosecurity, herbicide resistance, parasitology and meat science after taking part in hands-on activities at the Graham Centre’s annual Science and Agriculture Enrichment Day.

Link between herbicide resistance and cropping practice
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation research has shown a link between cropping practices and the evolution of herbicide resistance in the weed annual ryegrass, highlighting the need to rotate chemical and non-chemical weed control.

Research with impact for Australian farmers and developing countries
The impact of research by the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation for farmers and the wider community is demonstrated in a new Australian Government report.

Interns to gain research insight and experience
The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation has welcomed six new CSU student interns.

A perspective of agricultural research – from India
The Graham Centre recently hosted Dr Nivedita Narain from PRADAN, a non-government development organisation in India that works in communities to strengthen the ability of the rural poor to earn a decent living.

Women in IT award for CSU academic
CSU academic and Graham Centre Associate Member Dr Lihong Zheng has won a major award from a leading global information technology (IT) company.

International recognition for weed scientist
Graham Centre member Dr John Broster has received international recognition as part of a team awarded the outstanding research paper in Weed Technology by the Weed Science Society of America.

Opinion: Can I see your licence to farm?
In an opinion piece for The Rural Newspaper, Associate Professor Marta Hernandez-Jover writes about agriculture's 'social licence' and the role of research in developing best practice.

Honours research: Purslane, antioxidants and diabetes
CSU Bachelor of Science Honours student Ms Collette Geier's research has focused on purslane or pigweed and antioxidant activity.

Australia Day honour for CSU agricultural education advocate
CSU Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley has been awarded a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) for his service to agricultural science through roles as an educator, researcher and advisor.

Next step in research into potential health benefits of coloured rice
Volunteers are needed for CSU research investigating the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of coloured rice.