Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Dr Michael Campbell and Rod PolkinghorneWhen you’re standing in front of a chiller cabinet at your local butcher or supermarket how do you decide which package of meat to buy?

Researchers from the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, in conjunction with the beef industry, conducted consumer preference research to better understand perceptions of meat colour and appearance.

A recent trial held at Charles Sturt University (CSU) asked hundreds of consumers to score different packages of meat based on a visual basis.

CSU lecturer Dr Michael Campbell said, “Our research aims to give retailers and processors more information about what consumers think about the appearance of meat that’s been packaged in different ways.

“We hope to provide solid evidence and practical guidelines to maximise product quality and shelf life to deliver products that consumers’ desire.”

The project draws together researchers and meat scientists from across the country with strong support from industry.

“The Graham Centre aims to identify and realise opportunities to improve the profitability of the red meat value chain and this research is a good example of how we’re working with industry.

“The samples collected in this project were a sub-set of samples that were sent to Texas Tech University in the United States and the University of New England as part of another industry project.

“The three universities are focused on delivering commercial outcomes for industry and continue to work in partnership to achieve this,” Dr Campbell said.

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