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In the limelight: Dr Abishek Santhakumar

Position: Lecturer in Haematology, School of Biomedical Science; Chief Investigator and Discipline Leader (Health), ARC ITTC for Functional Grains

Organisation: Charles Sturt University

Career Brief

Dr Abishek SanthakumarDr Santhakumar completed his Doctor of Philosophy at Griffith University in 2014. He started his academic career in Medical Laboratory Science (Pathology) at Griffith University in 2011. In 2014, he was appointed as a lecturer in Haematology in the Pathology discipline at Central Queensland University. Abishek is currently a lecturer and researcher in Haematology and Blood Banking at the Charles Sturt University (CSU) School of Biomedical Sciences. Dr Santhakumar’s research investigates the role of natural dietary antioxidant compounds in reducing the risk factors of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. During his research tenure, he has led nationally registered human clinical trials investigating the feasibility and efficacy of natural antioxidant compounds as therapeutic alternatives in diverse pro-thrombotic and at-risk populations.).

Research and Teaching Activities and Interests

Research activities

  • Investigating the effect of cereal and pulse bioactive compounds in modulating risk factors of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity
  • Exploring the preventive role of dietary antioxidant polyphenols on haemostasis and platelet activity in thrombosis during oxidative stress
  • Cereal and pulse polyphenol characterisation and antioxidant profiling

Teaching activities

Course coordinator and lecturer (Bachelor of Medical Science).

Professional Links

A typical day for me includes …

Addressing emails (which has become a 11/7 business), catching up with my students, abusing coffee, checking into Researchgate/Twitter, sneaking out to play tennis

My main project at the moment is …

To investigate the health benefits of the consumption of bioactive compound-rich grains and pulses in at-risk population

My favourite part of my job is …

That it helps me give back to the community through teaching and research. It gives me immense satisfaction to impart the little I know to my students. Someone once said that “If gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing it, is the first step to humanity,” and this is something I strongly believe in. My research allows me to work with people and impact their lives positively.

When I am not in the office I like …

To play tennis or badminton and go out fishing

When I am driving I like to listen to …

Songs that mostly include Bollywood. I play my favourite songs on loop until I get bored.


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