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Sharing our work with producers, the industry and academic peers is an important in ensuring research is disseminated and adopted.

The Graham Centre has provided more than $60,000 in financial assistance in 2019 for members to attend conferences and workshops to enhance their knowledge and share their research. Find out more about the Conference Support Scheme.

Here are some examples of our researchers doing just that.

Focus on lamb in Canada

photo of lambs in a feedlot in CanadaAttending an international conference and visiting farms in Canada has given Professor Bruce Allworth greater insight into intensive lamb productions systems.

Professor Allworth is the Livestock systems research pathway leader at the Graham Centre and attended the Small Ruminant International Conference and the British Veterinary Society's annual conference in Guelph, Canada.

Professor Allworth presented papers on ‘Improving lamb survival – the role of calcium’ and ‘Pain relief products in sheep – an Australian perspective’.

“One of the themes that came out in the conference was the impact of climate change on animal diseases, and it was interesting to see the range of issues speakers highlighted.”

“The focus on lamb survival at the conference has strengthened my resolve of how important this area of research is,” Professor Allworth said.

He also visited commercial sheep and goat farms along with a sheep research farm, something that was particularly interesting given our emerging research interest in improving prime lamb growth rates.

“The intensive management systems were in strong contrast to the Australian situation, and gave reflection over lamb survival in our extensive environment,” said Professor Allworth.

“The lamb growth rates in a total mixed ration (TMR) feeding regime were exceptional and the farms we visited were highly motivated, recording great data and using it.”

Biocontrol for blackleg in Canola

PhD student Sana Hanif presented a poster of research into the potential biocontrol agents for blackleg disease of Canola at the International Congress on Rapeseed held in Berlin, Germany in June.

The conference was attended by more than 850 scientists from 50 countries and included research about pests and diseases, agronomy and crop science, plant genetics and breeding and Canola for human nutrition, animal production and biofuel. There were also presentations about Canola with different coloured flowers, for example blue and orange, to protect the crop from insect pests.

Vets on the Gold Coast

Dr Jennifer Manyweathers, Associate Professor Marta Hernandez Jover and Lynne Hayes at the all important tea break at the conferenceWhat would bring epidemiologists, dentist and horse surgeons together? The annual Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists annual conference, Science Week on the Gold Coast in July.

The veterinary epidemiology group from Charles Sturt University attended the conference and heard about research into mycoplasma bovis eradiation in New Zealand and rabies management in our northern neighbours.

It was also an opportunity for Graham Centre members, Dr Jennifer Manyweathers, Lynne Hayes and Associate Professor Marta Hernandez-Jover to present research about the FMD Ready project, technology in animal health management and biosecurity and vets in surveillance. Associate Professor Jane Heller spoke about planning for a response to a Q Fever outbreak and antimicrobial stewardship while PhD student Kellie Thomas gave a talk on antimicrobial resistance.

Ms Hayes said, “The opportunity to talk to a range of practitioners and researchers was extremely valuable. The conference also allowed me to see the importance of having a multidisciplinary approach to research and gave me more confidence in utilising my psychology training and experience in the area of biosecurity research.”

Functional Grains Centre research at AGSA 2019 and Summer Grains Conference.

the FGC team at AGSA 2019The team from the Functional Grains Centre attended the 2019 Australasian Grain Science Association Conference in Melbourne in August.

They presented findings from a diverse range of projects from chickpeas and sorghum, to rice, lupins and lentils, showcasing research to improve human health, grain production and processing.

Many of the team also attended the Australian Summer Grains Conference on the Gold Coast in July. Congratulations to PhD student Rachael Wood and Honours research student Borkwei Ed Nignpense who picked up poster prizes.

National Science Week activities

Dr David Jenkins and children at a science week workshopGraham Centre members have helped to inspire the next generation of scientists by taking part in National Science Week activities.

Dr Paul Prenzler and PhD student Collette Geier were involved in the National Indigenous Science and Education Program, Community Science Day in Tolland. Read more about the award winning program.

Members of the Charles Sturt parasitology group including PhD students Michelle Williams and Md. Shafaet Hossen, along with Dr David Jenkins and Dr Di Barton lent a hand at the Riverina Science Festival with Dr Rina Fu, the author and illustrator of My Mad Scientist Mummy.

Dr Jenkins is pictured helping children at the workshop learn more about parasites.


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