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In the Limelight: Jeff McCormick


Senior lecturer in agronomy


Charles Sturt University School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences

Career Brief

Jeff McCormickI began my career when I moved to Wagga Wagga as an agronomist in 2003. In 2006 I started a PhD at Charles Sturt University working on dual-purpose canola. During the end of my PhD (2010) I started working on the EverCrop project with NSW Department of Primary Industries which was focused on pasture establishment on mixed farms. In 2012 I accepted a teaching position at Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand, teaching first year plant science and crop agronomy. I moved back to Wagga Wagga in 2016 as a lecturer in agronomy at Charles Sturt.

Research and Teaching Activities and Interests

Research activities

My research has focussed on dual-purpose crops and pastures. I have worked on crop physiology of regrowth, utilised APSIM for dual-purpose crops and even stretched into animal nutrition. I have been working with beef cattle on dual-purpose crops and mineral supplementation of lambs on lucerne with Dr Shawn McGrath. An ACIAR project on dry season cropping in Laos and Cambodia with Associate Professor Phil Eberbach is currently being completed and a hard seeded pasture legumes project for the mixed farming zone is underway with Dr Belinda Hackney.

Teaching activities

I primarily teach pastures and rangelands to Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Agricultural Business students. I also teach weed science and experimental design.

Professional Links

I am a member of the Australian Agronomy Society

Executive committee member for Irrigation Research and Extension Committee (IREC)

Executive committee member for NSW Grasslands Society

A typical day for me includes …

Waking up with a coffee in the morning and working out who is taking the kids to school. At work I first respond to the emails that have arrived overnight (not sure that is the best idea) and then it depends on the day. If it is a teaching day then teaching tends to be all consuming. If it is not teaching it is probably trying to organise something for research, whether that is getting something done in the field, writing or reviewing a paper. If it is a little quiet there are always forms to fill in about something.

My main project at the moment is …

Writing up research from this current year to publish as quickly as possible. The Charles Sturt agricultural science degree structure is changing next year so I am also preparing a new subject.

My favourite part of my job is …

Discussing projects with Honours and postgraduate students as well as getting on farm to talk to growers.

When I am not in the office I like …

To play music on my guitar or piano.

When I am driving I like to listen to …

If it is with the kids on the way to school it is Life FM, if it is a road trip it is likely to be Keith Urban.


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