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Out in the field

Graham Centre researchers in the field

Jhoana Opena and supervisorsTeam effort

Jhoana Opena with Professor Jim Pratley, Professor Deirdre Lemerle, Dr Hanwen Wu, and Kerry Schirmer inspecting an on-going trial looking at the allelopathic inhibitory effects of different cultivars of pasture legume on barnyard grass.

New Project

Graham Centre member Xiaocheng Zhu is beginning a project aimed at improving the flowering performance of walnuts in the Riverina region.

This study will use light microscopy and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) to evaluate the flower differentiation in walnut for two varieties with flower buds sampled throughout the developing season from September to March.

PhD student Pieter-Willem Hendriks just beat the sunrise to get this photo.Early start

PhD student Pieter-Willem Hendriks just beat the sunrise to get this photo. He was harvesting experiments in Condobolin and needed to do the HI cuts before the harvester.

Harnessing the power of plants and insects to control agricultural pests

Chemical ecology experts Professor Phil Stevenson and Professor  John Pickett checking out field trials.Graham Centre research to understand and harness the power of native vegetation and beneficial insects to control pests and disease in agriculture was highlighted in a recent workshop in Orange.

Key topics for discussion at the workshop include: habitat management for regenerative agriculture and for pest control in vegetable crops; grower attitudes to pest control; using native plants to deliver multiple ecosystem benefits; and the ecosystem benefits of dung beetles.

Following the workshop, the community was invited to a public lecture, ‘Sex, drugs, and pest control’  by two leading ecologists, Professor John Pickett from Cardiff University and Professor Phil Stevenson from the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom.

Professor Stevenson  and Professor Pickett are pictured examining flowering plants to support beneficial insects in a cabbage field at Bathurst with Graham Centre researchers Dr Ahsanul Haque and Dr Syed Rizvi.

South America to Wagga Wagga

Jéssica Kayamori Lopes The Graham Centre hosted two PhD students, as part the Australia-Americas PhD Research Internship Program 2019 delivered by the Australian Academy of Science.

Alba Lucia Peñaranda López from the National Technological Institute of Mexico spent two moths working with the scientists at the Functional Grains Centre and Jéssica Kayamori Lopes (pictured) from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil worked with Associate Professor Jane Heller's team studying approaches to antimicrobial stewardship in animal production.


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