Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Welcome student interns

The Graham Centre is supporting five more Charles Sturt University students to develop their skills and interest in research through summer internships.

Ms Sarah WebbMr Lachlan Bailey will be working with Dr Vikki Brookes examining knowledge and practices in regard to biosecurity and emergency animal diseases.

Ms Jessica Rees is also working in the area of biosecurity, with Associate Professor Marta Hernandez Jover investigating strategies for changing behaviour.

Mr John Snow will work with Dr Phil Eberbach on research to understand the impact of harvester fronts and stubble height on the stubble microclimate over the summer fallow.

Ms Sarah Webb (pictured) will be involved in the Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers project under the guidance of Professor Leslie Weston.

Ms Kate Hodgson will also be working with Professor Weston.

The internship program is an opportunity for students to gain practical experience, build networks and to learn more about Graham Centre projects.


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