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Dr Asgar Farahnaky

Dr Asgar Farahnaky

BScFST (Iran), MScFST (Iran), PhD (Un. of Nottingham)

Dr Farahnaky completed his BSc and MSc in Shiraz and TMU Universities (Iran). After lecturing at Shiraz University (1998-1999) in the area of Food Technology, he then moved to the University of Nottingham (UK) and completed his PhD in the area of Food Structure and Rheology on a project sponsored by a consortium of UK food industries with Prof J.R. Mitchell and Prof S.E. Hill.

Asgar was then employed by the University of Nottingham from 2003 to 2005 as a part-time lecturer and research associate working on industrial projects. Asgar was employed by Shiraz University from 2006 to 2014 as an academic member teaching BSc, MSc and PhD subjects and performing fundamental and industrial research.

Asgar was the scientific secretary of 21IFSTC conference and awarded as outstanding researcher of Fars Province and/or Shiraz University in 2011, 2012 and 2013 with 120 peer-reviewed journal papers. He joined CSU in 2014 and is the Subject Coordinator in the area of Food Science and Technology.

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Asgar has worked on a range of fundamental and applied research projects in Food Science and Technology for the last 15 years. Food Physical Properties and Food Rheology have been his two major research areas. He has published about 300 journal papers, patents and conference presentations.


Current Teachings:

  • FDS101 Food Processing
  • FDS308 Food Technology
  • FDS304 Food Products Developments

Previous Teaching experience:

  • Physical Properties of Food Products, MSc
  • Advanced Food Processing Techniques (Emerging Food Technologies), MSc
  • Principles of Food Plant Design, BSc
  • Food Hydrocolloids, MSc
  • Principles of Food Technology and Preservation, BSc
  • Dairy Technology, BSc
  • Meat and Meat Products Technology, BSc
  • Food Processing Unit Operations, BSc
  • Introduction to Food Engineering, BSc
  • BioMacromolecules, MSc

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Research interests include:

  • Food Technology and Process Engineering: Cereal and Dairy Technologies.
  • Biomacromolecules and Food Hydrocolloids, single and mixed systems, physicochemical properties at molecular level.
  • Food Physics and Physical Properties of Foods: Rheology, Structure, Color
  • Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, Ultrasound, Ohmic and High Pressure and PEF processing of foods.
  • Product Development and Food Formulation

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Farahnaky A, Dadfar SMM and Shahbazi M (2014). Physical and mechanical properties of gelatin-clay nanocomposite. Journal of Food Engineering 122, 78–83.

Farahnaky A, Alishahi A, Majzoobi M and Al-Hakkak J (2014). Effect of mixing speed and time on some textural and physicochemical properties of wheat starch gels. Journal of Food Engineering 142, 138-145.

Farahnaky A, Sabery B and Majzoobi M (2013). Effect of glycerol on physical and mechanical properties of wheat starch edible films. Journal of Texture Studies 44, 3, 176-186.

Azizi R and Farahnaky A (2013). Ultrasound assisted cold gelation of kappa carrageenan dispersions. Carbohydrate Polymers 95, 522-529.

Farahnaky A, Bakhshizadeh-Shirazi Sh, Mesbahi Gh, Majzoobi M, Rezvani E and Schleining G (2013). Ultrasound-assisted isolation of mucilaginous hydrocolloids from Salvia macrosiphon seeds and studying their functional properties. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 20, 182-190.

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