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Dr Mahsa Majzoobi

Dr Mahsa Majzoobi

BSc (Shiraz Uni, Iran), MSc (Shiraz Univ, Iran), PhD (Uni of Nottingham, UK)

Mahsa is a cereal chemist at NSW DPI. She is also a part-time Lecturer in the School of Biomedical Sciences and is involved in graduate projects.

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  • Development of functional food using cereal grains.
  • Improving the health benefits of cereal foods.
  • Starch modification and characterization.
  • Cereal functional compounds (e.g. proteins, antioxidants, hydrocolloids).


  • Food processing (FDS101) (Undergraduate subject)
  • Advanced Cereal Chemistry (Postgraduate subject)
  • Advanced Cereal Processing (Postgraduate subject)
  • Cereal Science and Technology (Undergraduate subject)
  • Advanced Laboratory techniques (Postgraduate subject)
  • Food Quality Control (Undergraduate subject)
  • Food Processing design (Undergraduate subject)

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Habibi M, Golmakani MT, Mesbahi GR, Majzoobi M and Farahnaky A (2015). NaOH-free debittering of table olives using power ultrasound. Food Chemistry 192, 775-781.

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