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Associate Professor Phil Eberbach

Associate Professor Phil Eberbach

BAgSc LaTrobe, PhD Melb

Dr Eberbach graduated with a B Agr Sc from La Trobe University and PhD from University of Melbourne in 1989. His doctoral studies investigated the residual behaviour of pesticides in soil

Following completion of his PhD, Dr Eberbach worked as a Weed Physiologist with CSIRO's Division of Water Resources in Griffith. In this position he investigated the behaviour of a variety of pesticides in the aquatic plant Alligator Weed.

Since joining Charles Sturt University in 1990, Dr Eberbach's research interests have focussed on two areas: 1) the non-target impact of pesticides in the environment and 2) the water balance of agricultural landscapes. The particular emphasis of the latter research interest is to gain further understanding of how plant roots develop through soils and of their ability to take capture soil water. To enable him to more fully develop his latter interest, Dr Eberbach received an ARC grant in 1995 to construct an Automated Drainage Lysimeter complex, a facility which enables real time root growth to be quantified.

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  • Opportunities for perennial wheat in Australia: An investigation into aspects of perenniality and root function under differing conditions across the Australian wheatbelt (CRC FFI)
  • Introducing legume and minimum tillage in rice and maize farming systems in the DPRK (ACIAR)
  • Sequencing crop rotations that best utilize lucerne biopores to control groundwater recharge and maintain dry catchments (GRDC)
  • Improved water management through understanding plant responses and adaptation in native vegetation to water availability, evaporative demand and climatic and soil physico-chemical constraints (CRC PBMDS)



Dr Eberbach currently teaches in the area soil science, soil management and water policy and management.


Dr Eberbach has a strong interest in postgraduate education at the Honours, Masters and PhD level. His current students include:

  • Estela Pasuquin - sensitivity of rice to high atmospheric temperatures
  • Chris O'Neill - Water Productivity, Soil and Irrigation Variability of Sprinkler, Drip and Furrow Irrigated Maize
  • Sam North - a comparison of water use under wheat and canola in the Murray Valley

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Dr Eberbach's interests include:

  • Impact of tillage on soil architecture,
  • Ecohydrology of indigenous Australian and agricultural ecosystems
  • Plant roots and rhizosphere processes

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