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Associate Professor Rob Woodgate

Associate Professor Rob Woodgate

B.Sc. B.V.M.S.(Hons) Ph.D. (Murd)

Rob Woodgate is a veterinarian with more than 25 years' experience in livestock health, production and research involving production systems in Mediterranean, non-seasonal rainfall and temperate, summer rainfall environments. He has more than 20 years' experience in field and laboratory parasitology of livestock in several states across Australia, including considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of parasites of sheep, cattle, goats, horses, dogs and cats.Rob also has extensive skills and experience facilitating communication and practice change at all levels of the livestock industries. Communication stakeholder targets include producers, secondary and tertiary students, veterinarians and agricultural consultants, state, national and international agribusiness, research providers and funders and many levels of government.

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  • Sustainable parasite control of small ruminants – barber's pole worm control in sheep, epidemiology of re-infection of livestock at pasture.
  • Diagnostics, epidemiology, treatment and control of Fasciola hepatica (Liver Fluke) – faecal worm egg counts, ELISA testing, PCR and LAMP testing.
  • Sustainable internal parasite control of goats – effective and safe anthelmintic use, monitoring and management of parasite burdens.
  • Practice change of livestock producers and industry – biosecurity, disease surveillance, emergency animal disease detection and reporting.


  • Rob teaches parasitology and general animal health and production to Veterinary Science, Animal Science, Equine Science and Veterinary Technology students.
  • Rob has also supervised several PhD and Master students, as well as 14 Honours student's projects.

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The practical and sustainable control of internal and external parasites of livestock and companion animals.

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Book chapters

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Recent key journal papers

- Hayes L, Woodgate R, Rast L, Toribio J-ALML and Hernandez-Jover M (2017) Understanding animal health communication networks among smallholder livestock producers in Australia using stakeholder analysis. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 144: 89-101.

- Wilkes EJA, Cowling A, Woodgate RG and Hughes KJ (2016) Inhomogeneity of the density of Parascaris spp. eggs in faeces of individual foals and the use of hypothesis testing for treatment decision making. Veterinary Parasitology 229: 131-138.

- Armstrong SK, Woodgate RG, Gough S, Heller J, Sangster N and Hughes KJ (2014) The efficacy of ivermectin, pyrantel and fenbendazole against Parascaris equorum infection in foals on farms in Australia. Veterinary Parasitology 205: 575-580.

- Woodgate RG and Love S (2012) WormKill to WormBoss – Can we sell sustainable sheep worm control? Veterinary Parasitology 186: 51-57.

- Kahn LP and Woodgate RG (2012) Integrated parasite management: Products for adoption by the Australian sheep industry. Veterinary Parasitology 186: 58-64.- Smith JE,Woodgate RG

, Curnow CA, Michael DL and Van Burgel A (2012) An investigation into the efficacy of the Te Pari Patesco knife in providing a bare tip and the relationship between tail length and dag score in unmulesed Merino lambs.Animal Production Science 52: 671-674.

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