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Improving pulse production in Pakistan


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This project brings together researchers with a variety of expertise to work with Pakistani farmers to improve the way lentil, chickpea and groundnut crops are grown and to add value to the pulses through better processing technology.


Demand for pulses in Pakistan has been increasing while production has decreased over the last 20 years.

This project, mainly through farmer led research and demonstrations, aims to help local farmers improve the way pulses are grown in the existing cropping systems.

Re-introducing legumes in cropping systems would have nutritional, economic and environmental benefits and has been identified as a priority for agriculture development by the Pakistan government.

The project is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and involves scientists from Pakistan National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Provincial research institutes and universities in Pakistan and Farmlink Research.

What's involved

The project is identifying agronomic factors limiting the productivity of pulse crops and evaluating possible solutions.

It aims to increase opportunities for farmers to undertake postharvest value addition by adapting and demonstrating food processing technologies suitable for small holders to add value to crops.

It will also develop and evaluate site-specific village-based seed production and seed dissemination systems to increase farmer access to improved varieties.

The research also hopes to share the knowledge and practices with other farmers, input suppliers and potential service providers.