Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Meat quality



Research from paddock to plate to increase the value of meat products.


We're working to better understand the factors influencing meat quality to drive innovation and maximise value across the supply chain.

What's involved

Our meat science research takes in the whole supply chain from paddock to plate.

It involves scientists from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Centre for Red Meat and Sheep Development at Cowra and the Charles Sturt University Meat Laboratory.

A range of projects are investigating the impact of different livestock production systems and post-harvest technologies on meat quality.

We’re also working to understand the impact of those factors on a consumer’s eating experience.

Research includes:

  • the use of new technology to verify grass and grain-fed production systems for both beef and lamb;
  • the use of Canola meal as a supplement for grass-fed weaners;
  • improving the tenderness and nutritional quality of low-value beef cuts;
  • the development of a dairy beef supply chain;
  • increasing the value of carcasses harvested from older cows.

Meat & Livestock Australia and the Australian Meat Processors Corporation are supporting the research.