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E-Book: Australian Agriculture in 2020

From conservation to automation

Thumbnail image Australian Agriculture in 2020

Edited by Charles Sturt University Emeritus Professor Jim Pratley and CSIRO Chief Research Scientist Dr John Kirkegaard

This book, produced for Agronomy Australia, explores the evolution of Australian farming systems over the past 30 years. It celebrates the achievements of agronomy, detailing the changes to farming practice and technology, including new approaches to weed, pest and disease management. The book also looks past 2020 to examine the challenges of climate change and the opportunities presented by digital agriculture and automation.  It was launched at the 19th Australian Agronomy Conference in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday 27 August 2019.

Each chapter is an independent pdf file that allows downloading only of the chapters of interest.

Part i –The context

Part ii – Managing soil and stubble

Part iii – Protecting the crop

Part iv – Managing the resources

Part v – Managing the system

Part vi – To the future

© Agronomy Australia, 2019. Chapters in this book may be reproduced with appropriate acknowledgement of Agronomy Australia and the authors concerned.

Recommended citation

Author 1, Author 2,… (2019) Chapter title. In (Eds J Pratley and J Kirkegaard) “Australian Agriculture in 2020: From Conservation to Automation” pp xx-yy (Agronomy Australia and Charles Sturt University: Wagga Wagga)