Shane Raidal

Professor Shane Raidal

Translational Virology pillar lead

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


My passion is to solve complex problems in animal health and disease ecology which has involved fundamental basic research into biochemistry and physiology of vertebrates and invertebrates as well as a sound understanding of how pathogens cause disease in individual animals and populations, including zoonotic diseases.

  • virology
  • avian circoviruses.
  • comparative pathology including invertebrate diseases
  • wildlife and avian health
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Recent publications

  • Sarker, S., & Raidal, S. R. (2023). A Novel Pathogenic Avipoxvirus Infecting Vulnerable Cook's Petrel (Pterodroma cookii) in Australia Demonstrates a High Genomic and Evolutionary Proximity with South African Avipoxviruses. Microbiology spectrum, 11(2), e0461022.
  • Nath, B. K., Das, S., Tidd, N., Das, T., Forwood, J. K., & Raidal, S. R. (2023). Lesions and viral loads in racing pigeons naturally coinfected with pigeon circovirus and columbid alphaherpesvirus 1 in Australia. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 10406387231156839.
  • Sarker, S., Haque, M. H., Nath, B. K., Talukder, S., Lavers, J. L., & Raidal, S. R. (2022). Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a seabird, wedge-tailed shearwater (Ardenna pacifica). Microbiology Resource Announcements, 11(2), 1-3. [e01191-21].
  • Nath, B. K., Das, S., Das, T., Forwood, J. K., & Raidal, S. R. (2022). Development and applications of a TaqMan based quantitative real-time PCR for the rapid detection of Pigeon circovirus (PiCV). Journal of Virological Methods, 308, [114588].
  • Sarker, S., Raidal, S., Helbig, K., & Forwood, J. (2021). Atomic structure of the world's smallest virusā€like particles: Pleasant surprises in clinical applications. The FASEB Journal, 35(S1).