Sharanne Raidal

Professor Sharanne Sharanne Raidal

Equine Medicine

Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Sharanne has worked in private equine practice, university clinics, research and teaching. She completed a residency and Masters in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the University of Queensland and a PhD at the University of Sydney. Upon completion of her PhD, Sharanne worked in equine private and university practice in Perth for 7 years, before accepting a post-doctoral position at Murdoch University. Joining CSU in 2006, Sharanne completed specialist qualifications in Equine Medicine (FANZCVS) in 2009, and has worked in the Veterinary Clinical Centre at CSU since its opening in 2010. She has served as Associate Head of School (2017-2020), and on the Board of Examiners for the Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Science since 2012, including as Assistant Chief Examiner (Exams) since 2018. She was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the ANZCVS in 2018, and the Equine Veterinarians Australia Award for Excellence in the Equine Veterinary Field in 2019.

  • respiratory diseases of horses
  • neonatology
  • pharmacology
  • gastric ulceration
  • microbiology
  • physiology
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Recent publications

  • Raidal, S., Catanchin, M., Sacks, M., Carstens, A., Quinn, C., & Mosing, M. (2023). Effects of 2 modes of positive pressure ventilation on respiratory mechanics and gas exchange in foals. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.
  • Sacks, M., Raidal, S., Catanchin, C. S. M., Hosgood, G., & Mosing, M. (2023). Impact of sedation, body position change and continuous positive airway pressure on distribution of ventilation in healthy foals. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 9, [1075791].
  • Raidal, S. L., Catanchin, C. S. M., Burgmeestre, L., & Quinn, C. T. (2021). Bi-level positive airway pressure for non-invasive respiratory support of foals. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8, 1-9. [741720].
  • Bannai, H., Takahashi, Y., Ohmura, H., Ebisuda, Y., Mukai, K., Kambayashi, Y., Nemoto, M., Tsujimura, K., Ohta, M., Raidal, S., & Padalino, B. (2021). Decreased virus-neutralizing antibodies against equine herpesvirus type 1 in nasal secretions of horses after 12-hour transportation. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 103, 1-8. [103665].
  • Raidal, S. L., Neutze, D., & Strous, J. (2021). Disclosure of disability or misconduct in veterinary graduate registration: balancing confidentiality, equity and stakeholder interests. Australian Veterinary Journal, 99(4), 93-107.