Maggie Watson

Dr Maggie Watson


Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences


Dr Maggie Watson is a senior lecturer in Ornithology with the School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences. She is a researcher in the Gulbali Institute. Her major interests include the effects of parasites on life history traits and physiology, taxonomic limits in seabirds and freshwater crayfish and their conservation.

  • Parasitology
  • Ethology
  • Ecology - birds, reptiles, crayfish, urban wildlife
  • Eco-immunology
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Recent publications

  • Tkach, K., & Watson, M. J. (2023). Publication and use of genetics tools in conservation management applications: A systematic review. Journal of Applied Ecology.
  • Watson, M. J., Doyle, K. E., & Brown, C. (2022). Crustaceans. In B. P. Smith, H. P. Waudby, C. Alberthsen, & J. O. Hampton (Eds.), Wildlife research in Australia: Practical and applied methods (pp. 506-512). CSIRO Publishing.
  • Dunlop, J. A., & Watson, M. J. (2022). The hitchhiker's guide to Australian conservation: A parasitological perspective on fauna translocations. Austral Ecology, 47(4), 748-764.
  • Cowan, M., Callan, M., Watson, M. J., Watson, D., Doherty, T. S., Michael, D., Dunlop, J., Turner, J., Moore, H., Watchorn, D., & Nimmo, D. (2021). Artificial refuges for wildlife conservation: what is the state of the science? Biological Reviews, 96(6), 2735-2754.
  • Zukowski, S., Whiterod, N., Furse, J. M., McCormack, R., Raadik, T. A., Lintermans, M., Chara, S., Walsh, T., Ahyong, S. T., Austin, C., Marshall, J., Miller, A., Watson, M., & Doyle, K. (2021). Assessing the feasibility of conservation translocations for Australia’s endemic freshwater crayfish genus Euastacus (Parastacidae), with reference to priority 2019–20 bushfire-impacted species: A report supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery for Wildlife and their Habitats. Aquasave-Nature Glenelg Trust.