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Australasian Association of Gerantology conference

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth and Professor Marguerite Bramble (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Indigenous Health) are on the Scientific Committee and the conference organising committee for the Australasian Association of Gerontology Conference, to be held in Sydney, November 5 to 8. The conference's theme is “New Ways of Knowing and Acting”. It encompasses a broad range of disciplines related to ageing – engineering, ICT, architecture, culture, intimacy, art, clinical, sociology, climate change, environment, farming, significance of animals and more. More information at

Analysing social media for better public policy- one day symposium

Social and online media where citizens articulate their thinking and attitudes have been shown to yield valuable insights for policymakers and communicators in health, environmental management, education and other domains.

This symposium which aims to advance understanding of ways that public authorities can improve their decision-making and policy by closely analysing social media is being organised by Institute members Associate Professor Peter Simmons and PhD student Kane Callaghan, with guest speakers including ILWS researcher Dr Michael Mehmet, Dr Kelsey Chalmers from the Menzies Centre for Health Policy, Dr Rachael Dodd, School of Public Health, Uni Sydney and more. November 14, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.  Details and registration information here.

"University researchers have a role to play in working with public authorities to develop effective and efficient approaches to gathering and analysing insights from social media that are useful in policy development" says A/Prof Peter Simmons.

Explorations Series - Living with the Hume Dam, 1919-2019

In 1919 work began on Hume Dam with celebration and acclaim. When it was completed in 1936 it was hailed as an engineering and political achievement, indeed, a nation-building project. How do we understand its history and legacy now in 2019?

Historian and Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Pennay and river system and dam managers, environmentalists, historians, photographers and musicians will share stories and reflect on the centenary of Hume Dam. We have challenged them to excite us and even try to persuade us to their view in a series of quick-fire ‘show and tell’ presentations.

  • What have been the opportunities and the challenges that came with Hume Dam?
  • What have been the social, economic and environmental impacts of Hume Dam?
  • What stories does Hume Dam reveal or obscure?
  • How might the people of Albury-Wodonga and the people of Australia, reflect on their connections with Hume Dam, the lake, and the regulated river?
  • What do representations of Hume Dam and its surrounds reveal about past and present day mind-sets

Thursday 28 November, 4.30pm - 6.30pm Register Here

7th NRM Regions Knowledge conference

The theme of this year's conference, to be held in Wodonga, November 18-20, is "Creating resilience through NRM - how do we do it?" For more information go to

Freshwater Macroecology : Patterns, Processes and Conservation

This symposium welcomes studies that investigate broad-scale (in space, time and/or taxonomy), general patterns in the organization of freshwater ecosystems and assemblages, and the processes that underlie them. More details

Symposium Albury, NSW Australia 15-18 December, 2020

Deadline for papers to be accepted for special issue 1 March, 2021