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Climate Change Forum 09

National ForumLandscape logic

Understanding rural landholder responses to climate change

17-18 November, 2009
Charles Sturt University, Albury-Wodonga

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Australian agriculture and rural communities will need to adapt to climate change. Many rural landholders are already taking some steps to minimise net losses and take advantage of opportunities for gains. There are a number of social research programs - recently completed or underway – which focus on understanding the nature and scale of adaptation responses by rural landholders, the social/psychological factors influencing the type of actions being taken, and the extent to which landholder perceptions of climate risk are shaping the way they manage their properties.

The Institute for Land, Water and Society, in partnership with Landscape Logic CERF, Future Farm Industries CRC, CSIRO and NCCARF held a two day Forum to discuss and debate the current and future social and institutional issues which challenge researchers, resource managers, policy makers, and members of rural communities.

Climate Change forum
Pictured left: Geoff Park, Rik Thwaites, Prof Guy Robinson and Chris Raymond

Future Farm Industries CRC

Libby Price ABC Country Hour with FFI Kevin Goss

Pictured left: Libby Price, the presenter of ABC Country Hour Victoria with the CEO of the CRC for Future Farm Industries, Kevin Goss

ABC Country Hour Victoria broadcast live from the Forum... listen here (link to ABC Radio website)CSIRO logo

Nicky Mazure, Geoff Kuehne and Digby Race
Pictured left: Nicky Mazur, Geoff Kuehne and Digby Race


Presentations (all .pdf)

Is an extra dollop of improved farm productivity all we need?
Dr Neil Barr

Pathways to adaptation
David Beard

Providing context for (climate) change
Helen Burns

Riding the waves of drought to climate change
Janet Conques

A participatory approach to developing climate change adaptation options for NSW farming systems
Steven Crimp

From policy to practice in climate change adaptation: an examination of policy-driven adaptation in south-east Australia and some consequences
Dr Jacqueline de Chazal

Communicating climate change - the need for better understanding and engagement between science and the rural sector
Chris Evans

Does knowing where 'climate change' sits in decision-systems theory add clarity or confusion?
Dr Quentin Farmar-Bowers

How different understandings of climate change shape responses
Aysha Fleming

The Policy Challenge
Dr Kevin Goss

Climate change and the agriculture sector: the role of BRS in supporting evidence-based policy
Dr John Gray

Goulburn Broken CMA's Approach to Climate Change Adaptation & Influencing Community Response
Melanie Haddow

Policy Implications Arising from Decision Making in Rural Communities in Relation to Climate Change
Dr Anthony Hogan

Layers of Resilience: A dairy community dealing with drought and climate change
Dr Sonya Love

Rural Landholder Responses to Drought and Climate Change: Does Belief Really Matter?
Dr Nikki Mazur, Dr Rik Thwaites and Dr Maureen Rogers

Landholder perspectives on climate change – Implications for natural resource management planning and practice at multiple scales
Geoff Park

Mapping landscape values and perceived climate change risks for natural resource management
Chris Raymond

5 big questions and seasonal climate information
Chris Sounness

Understanding Rural Landholders' and Communities' Responses to Climate Change
Nyree Stenekes

Energymark: A kitchen table approach to mitigation
Yasmin van Kasteren

What's in a Word: Rural Adjustment and Structural Transformation?
Dr Sally Weller

Relevant Links:

Climate risk and adaptation among primary producers: Topline results focusing on primary producers reporting the effects of adverse seasonal conditions It's about people - changing perspectives on dryness (.pdf)
Report prepared for the Drought Review Branch, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry ( Anthony Hogan, Michael Hanslip, Robert Kancans, Jacqui Russell and Brigit Maguire) September 2008