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ILWS - Charles Sturt University


ILWS  Research Support

The Institute offers research support funds for activities that further the ILWS mission to undertake internationally recognised integrated environmental, social and economic research for rural and regional areas.  Members will be notified by email when calls for applications for specific grants are open.

Funds cannot be used to directly enable research activities, but are to support currently funded research activities and develop new funding streams as described in one of three categories given below.

Funds allocated in the 2020 rounds need to be spent and acquitted before 30 October 2020 (although activities can be conducted after this date), in line with our normal financial arrangements.

For more information please contact ILWS at  x19992

Grant TypeOpen DateClose DateValue
(per application)
Total AvailableWho can apply?

Full Members

Associate members

Adjunct members

Research Higher Degree Student members

Category A: Member research  time support scheme
(up to 2 calls per year)


Up to $2000 per member per year

(Up to $1000 for postdocs)

Up to $20,000 per call



Category B: Team Research Support and development

  Up to $20,000 per application 

Up to $40,000 per year based on previous years budget allocation


Category C: Professional development, conference attendance and training


Up to $5000 per application

Up to $10,000 per year based on previous years budget allocation


ILWS PhD scholarships (two per year)

September 1,
each year

October 31, each year

APA Stipend + operating


Leverage Fund


No limit. Based on a return of 1:4 for external income